Zadornov, Glagoleva and other stars who did not beat cancer

Alas, few succeed in defeating cancer. Woman’s Day recalled celebrities, whom the disease took in the prime of life ...

Mikhail Zadornov

Photo: Sania Galieva

Today, November 10, the writer and old man Mikhail Zadornov passed away. He passed away at the age of 69. Exactly one year ago, the artist announced that he had a brain tumor. After he became ill at one of the concerts and was hospitalized, the actor canceled all upcoming performances and started treatment.

At the beginning, Zadornov's disease was undergoing chemotherapy in Europe, which he graduated in June of this year due to fatigue from constant painful procedures that did not give positive results. He stopped giving interviews and answering numerous questions of his fans on social networks and left for Jurmala.

His friends and colleges are shocked by the news and still can not believe that this happened to Zadornov.On the account of the writer and satirist more than 40 books, most of which are with humorous and satirical texts.

Vera Glagoleva

Photo: Anatoly Lomokhov /

August 16, People's Artist of Russia died in the United States. According to preliminary unofficial data, the cause of death was an oncological disease. The first was informed about this by a close friend of Vera Vitalyevna, actress and TV host Larisa Guzeeva.

“Yes, she died,” said Guzeeva, but declined to comment on the details of what happened.

Only the youngest daughter of the actress Anastasia Shubskaya wrote a touching post about her mom on Instagram: "Our favorite ... Unique and unique ... There are no words and no strength ... You're there, and we feel it ..."

About the health problems of Vera Glagoleva, we recall, it became known at the end of May this year. True, she herself denied everything.

“It was enough to call at the hospital once, as everyone immediately began to worry that something had happened to me. But it's all right, so my fans may not be alarmed. Now I'm on the set, I'm fine, ”Vera Vitalevna said then, reported.

At the same time, no one had previously thought that Vera Glagoleva had health problems.July 8 of this year, the actress married daughter Anastasia Shubskaya for Russian hockey player Alexander Ovechkin. At a celebration in one of the capital's restaurants, she was having fun and looking healthy and full of life. The star at some point even came on stage and sang with the group “Ivanushki International”.

After the actress spoke about the choice of his daughter, noting that for her future, she is now completely calm.

“Of course, there are different mothers, daughters and elections. But I’m talking about a specific case, about our Alexander - he’s a very good guy, so the daughter is calm, ”Glagoleva told StarHit.

Alan Rickman

Photo: Splash News

On January 14, 2016, in the 69th year of life, after a long struggle with cancer, British actor Alan Rickman died in his house in London, especially famous for the roles of Professor Severus Snape in Harry Potter and the terrorist Hans Gruber in Die Hard. Surprisingly, except for close relatives, nobody knew about his illness. Until the last days of his life, Alan with his wife Rima Horton appeared in public (and looked very good both for his age and for his physical condition), and also worked a lot.A year before his death, he managed to sound the caterpillar in the movie "Alice Through the Looking Glass" and to speak as a narrator in the TV series "Hurt someone." Also in 2015, the all-seeing eye drama came out, where Rickman played one of the main roles. And the last in his lifetime.

David Bowie

Photo: Getty

On the morning of January 11, David Bowie’s representatives reported on his official Facebook page that the musician was gone: “On January 10, 2016, David Bowie died surrounded by his family after 18 months of fighting cancer.” The news shocked the public. The fact that he was ill, no one knew ... Moreover, on his 69th birthday on January 8, 2016, the singer released the 25th studio album called Blackstar. Bowie's fans and colleagues could not have imagined that the anniversary plate would be the last ...

Even the British government was shocked by the death of the performer. Prime Minister David Cameron admitted that for him personally, Bowie’s departure was a huge loss.

“I grew up listening to the pop genius of David Bowie and watching him. He was a master of reincarnation, ”Cameron wrote on his Twitter page.

The singer has two children left - the 44-year-old son of Duncan Zoe Heywood Jones from his first marriage with model Angela Barnett and the 15-year-old daughter of Alexandria Zahra from the second marriage of artist with model Iman Abdulmadzhid.

Rene Angelil, husband and manager Celine Dion

Photo: Getty Images

René fought cancer of the larynx for 16 years! Three times it seemed that the disease had receded, but it did not give a long respite.

Last summer, the singer canceled a tour of Asia and took an indefinite vacation. Rene needed care. That time the disease returned for the third time.

“I was very afraid of losing him,” Celine Dion admitted to reporters. - Therefore, I decided at the time to become only a wife and mother.

After the operation on the throat, her husband could not speak, and after chemotherapy he also did not hear well.

- I served as a nurse. Renee could not take food on his own, so he ate only through a special tube three times a day, ”the singer said in an interview. Next were their children - 14-year-old Rene-Charles and four-year-old twins Eddie and Nelson.

Selin already interrupted career in 1999. Then, for the first time, doctors discovered a tumor in her husband. When the improvement came, she again went on stage. And soon she gave birth to her first son. So this time the husband, who until recently was also the manager Dion, really wanted Celine to return to the stage again.

Once the singer admitted to journalists:

- We talked a lot with him during these past months.I once asked him: “Are you afraid? I understand. You can tell me everything you feel. ” And Rene said: "I want to die in your arms." I agreed and promised that I would be there, and that his desire would come true.

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