World Cup 2014: how was the game Nigeria - Argentina

The game between Nigeria and Argentina has become one of the most spectacular in the world championship. The teams immediately began to show their attacking potential. Already three minutes after the starting whistle, Lionel Messi opened the scoring. However, the Nigerians have already responded adequately in the 4th minute. Musa otkvital goal of South Americans. Thus, by the 4th minute of the meeting the score was already equal - 1 - 1.

After that, both teams tried to sharply attack. The Argentina national team had an advantage in possession of the ball, their attacks were drawn positionally. Nigerians tried to threaten their opponents with sharp counterattacks. However, until the last minutes of the first half, the audience did not see the heads. But in the condensed time, Messi designed a double, having performed a smart free kick. The goalkeeper of Africans was powerless - the ball for the second time in the match went to the gates of Nigeria. At the break the team went with the advantage of Argentina 2 - 1.

After the break, the teams once again exchanged fast goals.First, Musa designed his double in the match. Nigerians in the center broke the defense of South Americans, acting in this match is not the best way. Musa compares the score in the 47th minute. The numbers 2-2 on the display light up.

It takes only a few minutes, and the Argentines from the corner scored the third ball. Marcos Rojo at the 50th minute of the meeting again brings Argentina forward 3 - 2.

About twenty minutes later, South Americans had the advantage in possession of the ball, creating dangerous moments. But Nigerians to 75 minutes sharply counterattacked. There was a great chance for Musa to make a hattrick, but the striker did not realize the moment.

The final fifteen minutes passed with the advantage of Nigeria. African footballers pressed South Americans to the penalty area. Argentines could only counterattack. However, the active actions of the teams did not lead to the next goal being scored - the game ended with a minimum margin of Argentina 3 - 2.

Both teams enter the stage of the playoff tournament. Argentina wins three wins in three matches and leads in Group F, Nigeria comes out of second place with four points scored. Now the teams are waiting for the start of the decisive matches of the football world championship in Brazil.

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