Wooden windows: how to make the right choice

First of all, you need to measure all the windows in order to know what size of frame you will have to order. Many companies produce an independent selection of frames. They immediately bring the frames and install them. Try to avoid this situation. It is best to choose the frames yourself in stock in order to study them in detail for any defects. If you brought windows, they also need to be examined.
Decide on what type of wood you would like to put the window. Wood species are coniferous and deciduous. Conifers have a short life. It is also worth noting that such rocks require special treatment with a water-resistant compound. Conifers are very soft. A pot that has stood for several years on such a window sill can easily leave a mark. If you choose deciduous species, you will become the owner of durable and durable windows.However, there is a minus - such windows hold back the heat less. For example, oak windows look very elegant. But oak has a very large weight, so you need to try to buy windows with the smallest profile in order to achieve the minimum load on the accessories. Oak also requires a very complicated drying procedure, so you need to buy oak windows only from a trusted supplier. The best option are the windows of larch.
When choosing windows, pay attention to the supplier’s quality certificate. It is best to buy windows from the company, which independently is engaged in their manufacture. In no case do not buy windows made from a single piece of wood. Modern technologies allow making windows in three layers. This adds stability and durability to frames. When choosing windows, pay attention to external processing. The surface should not be rough and uneven, there should be no cracks on it. Try to buy unpainted frames so that you can see all the flaws, if any.
Pay great attention to the selection of glass. It all depends on the specific conditions of the room in which the windows you buy will stand.

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