Winter crafts with your own hands: snowflake scrapbooking, how to make step by step

Winter hand-made articlesWinter gives us an indescribable variety of sensations: snow crunches underfoot, patterned crystals of snowflakes glitter, roses grow on glass in one night. Not surprisingly, in the cold season, you want to create so much, you want to capture a piece of beauty. In our master class we will teach you to create winter crafts with your own hands.

How to make a snowflake in the style of scrapbooking - step by step photos

Scrapbooking technology is becoming increasingly popular. We can make a photo album using patches and scrapbooks; make a beautiful and pleasant to the touch card; arrange a box for keeping a bunch of precious things in your heart. Today we make a snowflake in the style of scrapbooking: it can be used for other crafts as well as serve as an independent decoration.

First you need to decide on the necessary materials for making snowflakes.There are very few of them.

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