Winter crafts in the garden: a flashlight made of paper

Winter crafts in the garden: a flashlight made of paperPaper lantern - an old Christmas and New Year decoration, one of the symbols of the winter holidays around the world. There are many ways to make such a flashlight, here are some simple options that are suitable for crafts in the garden.


Flashlight from a large sheet of paper


You will need a sheet of paper of any color, scissors and glue. Bend the sheet in half lengthwise. On a bend, make cuts of the same length - both sides of the sheet should be cut as a result. To the end of the sheet should remain about 2 cm.


The two most extreme stripes, one on the right and left, make a little wider than the others - this will be the “basis” for all the others. Now cut the half of the remaining uncut edge of the sheet - but starting from the end of the wide strips, so that the sheet finally has two protrusions at the edges.


Expand the sheet, and then twist it into a cylinder. Glue the wide strips of the base, the ends of the sheet, which now stick out forward. Then carefully straighten all the folds in the middle, bending them again, this time to the other side. Flashlight ready!


You can make him a core of a cardboard cylinder, then it will be stronger, and you can leave it that way. In the first case, glue the flashlight to the cylinder with glue, smearing only the inner sides of the upper strips of the slats to which all the other strips are attached.


Flashlight from strips of paper


This is a flat flashlight. Cut strips of paper - they can be of any color, but of different lengths and they must be paired. For example, two strips of five centimeters, two - seven each, and so on. You can make any number, but usually they are about 6-8. Leave one strip without a pair.


Winter crafts in the garden: a flashlight made of paper


Now fold them all so that they lay as if in layers, with the shortest strip in the center; the others should be on the left and right of it in a symmetrical order, and so that they all touch one end, and glue or fasten with a stapler (it must, of course, be held by an adult). Do the same with the other end. The strips were of different lengths, but were fixed at the shortest, in the middle, and now they will be curved in an arc, turning into a flat onion flashlight. It can be hung on the tree, and on the wall.


From small paper lanterns of any type you get a great garland - string them, gluing the strings, onto an ordinary fine garland.


Winter crafts in the garden: a flashlight made of paper


Of course, a paper lantern is only a decorative element, it does not shine. But this Christmas decoration can be made a real, glowing flashlight. True, the help of an adult is obligatory for this; for a group lesson such an article is unlikely to fit, but to please a child with the appearance of a ready-made candlestick toy will be by the way. You will need an awl, scissors, a pencil and a cardboard (or a package from under milk or jelly, any dense cardboard box). Cut the top of the carton if you took the package, or roll the cardboard into a cylinder.


Then draw on it some New Year's picture with not so many details - a Christmas tree decorated with balls, a star on the top and a garland, Santa Claus with the Snow Maiden, a gift wrapped in a box with a bow - and carefully pierce the awl with cardboard right along the lines of the drawing. Try to make holes not close to each other, 1-2 mm. distance will be enough.


Winter crafts in the garden: a flashlight made of paper


Both cardboard and dense packaging can catch fire, so you cannot light a candle in the flashlight itself. When you finish the drawing, put a candle (preferably a low, "floating") in a clear glass beaker, and put the glass in the flashlight.With a lit candle inside you will have a shimmering silhouette of the picture you pierced on the cardboard.

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