Wine bottle decor for festive table decoration

Wine bottle decor for festive table decorationDo not rush to throw an empty bottle of wine - it can be turned into an elegant element of the interior. If you need a decoration for a table for a birthday, a wedding or a small party for any more exotic occasion, a painted wine bottle will be a wonderful decoration element that does not require unnecessary costs.


You can decorate a bottle in a dozen different ways, in this master class you will see one of the simplest but spectacular options. You can make such a decoration with your own hands, even if you rarely pick up paints and brushes.


DIY glass bottle decoration


Glass bottles are no more difficult to decorate than any glassware - in order to paint them, do not use water-based paints, but you can glue on any volume elements, or use tapes and ribbons with different textures. It is assumed that the bottle will be something to stand, as in a vase; the best are thin and tall bouquets of several laconic elements or any dry branches.


Even better, it looks next to several vases with a different texture, but of similar colors. Put them all on a wide strip of coarse linen or cotton in the middle of the table. Sacking will work just as well, and as a ribbon, two or three strands of natural rope.


Bottle decor: master class bottle with a number or inscription


You will need:


  • empty wine bottle without cork (there are bottles of glass of different colors, and this factor is indifferent to coloring - the paint will cover the whole glass, so that it can be black, and red, and transparent);
  • white acrylic paint (paint on glass);
  • brush and warm water;
  • large brush or spray;
  • stencil or stencils with the chosen sign (for its preparation, take paper and a knife);
  • a simple pencil;
  • glitter paint or glitter glue (here is a golden hue).


1. Remove the labels.


Wine bottle decor for festive table decoration


There are usually two labels on the bottles, which are not very tightly glued. Do not peel them off immediately, there may be traces on the glass. Soak the bottle in warm water for a quarter of an hour, and the labels will be easy to remove with a brush.


If you do not want to wait, you can use a cotton pad dipped in nail polish remover.


Wine bottle decor for festive table decoration


2. Thickly paint the bottle with white paint - brush or spray.If there are small stains from the brush - do not worry, but the color of the glass should not shine through the paint. If necessary, make several layers.


If you spray paint from a can, the layer will be more even, but pay attention to the inscription on the label of the can - matte paint inside or glossy. Acrylic itself is rather dull, and when applied with a brush it will be just that, but the use of a spray can not guarantee this.


Wine bottle decor for festive table decoration


3. Allow the bottle to dry or blow dry.


4. Make a stencil. In this master class, the number “1” is put on the bottle - as a symbol of victory, first place. But you can put any number, letter or whole inscription - for example, the first letters of the names of the newlyweds curled into a vignette, or the number of years of the birthday boy if the bottle is intended to be an ornament on the birthday table.


Wine bottle decor for festive table decoration


In order to make a stencil, draw the desired image on a thick sheet of paper, and then cut it with a well-sharpened paper knife.


5. Lay the bottle on its side and, holding the stencil, circle the drawing with a pencil. It should be approximately the same distance from the throat and bottom.


Wine bottle decor for festive table decoration


6Carefully, without gaps, fill the picture with gold paint. If after that it will be a little voluminous, all the better.


Wine bottle decor for festive table decoration


7. Allow the bottle to dry, tie with a white ribbon, place branches or one tall flower in it - and the decoration is ready.

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