Window decoration outside and inside the house (10 photos)

Nothing brings so much warmth and comfort to the house, as correctly decorated windows. Of course, the interior of an apartment or house consists of a huge number of small things and details, but you must have noticed that it's worth only removing curtains and tulle from the windows, as the dwelling gets extremely cold and uncomfortable.

That is why it is so desirable that the design of window openings, both inside and outside, could boast of its creativity and relevance.

There are certain standards of room illumination, for example, if you follow the design and hygienic standards, then the room is considered well lit if the area of ​​the windows of this room occupy not less than 10% of the floor area of ​​the same room.

Therefore, if you have a small window at all, and behind it, for example, a balcony also follows, then there is no need to completely cover it with blackout curtains or filter the light through various blinds only in order to achieve a certain interior design.

In fact, windows are the eyes of a house through which nature looks into a house, and through them you can see the environment. That is why it is necessary to achieve such an effect that the window decoration should be carried out not only inside the house, but also outside the window design should have a proper look.

The best solution, of course, would be to think through the two-sided design of the windows so that the external and internal details echo each other, creating a complete picture.

Various options

American shutters. One of the interesting decisions of the window design, both inside and outside, are the shutters or, in other words, the door-blinds. They are a good salvation in the summer heat, and can also give your home a truly southern mood, which can be complemented with wicker furniture and cabinets in country style.

This decor will add to your home the feeling that it is located somewhere on the shore of the warm ocean or among the mountain slopes that are planted with vineyards.

External shutters, of course, depend on the season and can change, so the design of all parts must be mobile and mobile. Exterior shutters can have a different decor, be supplemented with slots and slits, but they can also be completely deaf.

Internal shutters have exclusively blinds-shaped look, they can be purchased ready-made or made to order. For example, folding folding shutters can be an excellent substitute for ordinary curtains, although not quite familiar.

The color is usually chosen in accordance with the overall decor, for example, you can leave the natural color of the tree or paint them in soft and calm colors - green, gray, brown, ocher.


The most traditional way to decorate home windows, by right, are considered to be various kinds of curtains, curtains, tulle, curtains, which can have the most unusual and varied shape.

Depending on what kind of room - a living room, a kitchen or, maybe, a balcony - you will decorate, it is necessary to orient in a variety of fabrics and colors to make your room look cozy and harmonious.

Of course, now there are many design offices that will be able to offer the design of windows for every taste. But if you decide to personally engage in the design of your favorite home, then you should include all your imagination, as well as learn certain design rules.

The simplest solution is plain curtains that have a rather dense structure. Suffice it to pick up the shade of fabric that will be combined with all the decor of the room. If you decide to resort to curtains with different patterns and designs, then you should take into account that they should stylistically coincide with the patterns on the other room draperies and furniture upholstery.

By the way, some patterns can visually change the room, for example, curtains with a vertical strip visually pull the room up, and the horizontal bar visually underestimates the ceilings.

If you decorate the living room, juicy and bright colors are best suited, preferably from heavy fabric. These curtains can be tied with silk or satin lace with tassels, which will give the room an atmosphere of luxury. If, for example, you select curtains for a bedroom, then in such rooms usually choose fabrics of natural and pastel shades.

An important point in the decoration of windows is the use of transparent tulle. Thanks to this element, the window will not look "naked", the most important thing is to choose the right shade in harmony with the curtains and the whole design of the room.

If you want to create curtains with your own hands, you can pay attention to the “patchwork” technique.For its execution, you do not need professional skills in sewing curtains, for it you will need an unnecessary cloth of different colors. The principle of technology is simple - combine different variegated pieces of fabric; the more varied you get it, the better. To achieve the perfect effect, you need to use a fabric of similar density.


Most people decorate the windows of the same type, but this issue can be approached very creatively. For example, there is the option of framing a window in a frame that is like a painting picture. The frame itself is not integral, more often it consists of two halves, where a picture is inserted with any landscape or image.

When the frame shifts, the window is closed by a picture, which is perceived as a single whole, and when open, on both sides of it are parts of the picture that successfully decorate the walls.

This option is not only distinguished by its originality, but also an excellent option for windows that look out on a busy street. The window, closed at night with a picture, very well isolates from external noise.


Recently, more and more you can see the windows, carefully decorated with flower boxes.Such windows are pleased with its freshness and originality, and can also fulfill the old dream of the owners - to have a small front garden with flowers.

To make such a miracle in your window is not difficult at all, for this you need to find the right box for flowers. It should be borne in mind that it will be quite heavy from the ground and colors, so count its length depending on the size of the window itself.

The box can be made of various materials, the main thing is that the colors in it are comfortable and not hot in the summer. Pay special attention to fixing the boxes. When choosing flowers that will be planted in the boxes, follow the rule so that they are in harmony with the general appearance of the building, and also not particularly whimsical.

Most often planted petunias and pelargonias, which can not but please with their variety of colors and shapes. Do not forget to water and fertilize your gardens in time, so that they always have a well-groomed and blossoming appearance. For the winter, usually boxes with plants are brought into the house, so as not to subject them to constant wind, rain and cold.

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