Wind bars as important elements of roofing

For the appearance of the roof to be complete, and the performance of the roofing material to be fully manifested, it is necessary to use special additional elements. The purpose of the products is to protect the coating from the damaging effects of climatic conditions. In addition, additional elements, depending on the design, perform the function of waterproofing, allow you to additionally fix the connection of the roof in different areas: the junction with the ventilation chambers and chimneys, the area of ​​the roof against the wall, etc.

One of the useful components for the roof are wind slats. They are especially needed when arranging a metal roof. Products do not allow the ingress of water and snow under the slope of the roof and provide its attractive appearance. Since wind strips have several varieties, it is worth understanding them in more detail.

End Plate

For its production, special rolling machines are used, which ensure the formation of the required profile. The shape is a galvanized strip curved in accordance with the roof of the roof. Such a solution for filing the roof will significantly extend the life of the coating. The surface treatment of the plank with a polymer coating allows you to choose the appropriate option for the color of metal or profiled sheet. Because of this, the appearance of the roof becomes more aesthetic and harmonious.

Eaves element

This type of windscreen is used as a longitudinal part. The main task of the product is to protect the frontal cornice from moisture. Manufactured component for the production technology of metal tiles. Planck is galvanized, covered with a polymer layer. Usually the surface is treated with polyester or plastisol. There are no fundamental differences between the cornice slats for metal roofing and other roofing materials. The difference can only be in the thickness of the metal and the quality of the polymer coating.

The nuances of mounting different products

In order to properly install additional elements, you must follow the instructions exactly. For the end plates, the specificity of the work is as follows:

  • The bar is placed above the level of the lath. Lay the product is necessary so as to block the end angle of the roof. If the arrangement of the crates was done correctly, everything will be just as easy with the bar.
  • The product is attached using self-tapping screws. And the upper fastening element must connect the bar with the roofing material, while strengthening the eaves on the gable.
  • The level of overlap should not exceed 50 millimeters.
  • To ensure a good joint seal, you can optionally use a seal.

Eaves strip is also necessarily installed according to the instructions:

  • The frontal board is initially mounted, fixed with nails;
  • then the eaves are bounded;
  • hooks are created to further organize the drain system;
  • Thereafter, the installation of the eaves bar. Works are carried out before laying the roof itself. The bar must be under the hooks of the spillway chute and fixed with screws;
  • when building the additional element, observance of the overlap to 100 mm is necessary.

It is important to install any roofing component correctly. The quality of the roof, its durability and reliability will depend on it.

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