Wildflowers - exquisite simplicity given by nature

Deliberate simplicity and elegance, pristine beauty and the beauty of wild nature - all this is wonderfully combined in floristic compositions composed of wild flowers. Such bouquets do not luxuriate, like an armful of roses, their charm in naturalness and simplicity. Cornflowers, daisies, buttercups, tansy and echinacea, collected with love, can be incredibly combined with wheat ears, a bluegrass, and even wild garlic. Each bouquet of wildflowers is beautiful and unique in its own way. Not superfluous in the compositions are also the branches of flowering shrubs. The fragrance of jasmine, the intoxicating smell of lilac and acacia, the freshness of honeysuckle, the faint smell of rosehip give the composition a special meaning.

You can make elegant bouquets from early spring to late autumn. Primrose is replaced in them by summer forbs, and then autumn compositions replace, some of which are replaced by fruits.

Wildflowers are always appropriate at events organized in rustic or provencal style. Bouquets of them are capable of bringing notes of coziness and home comfort into the decor.

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