Why we need a pendulum saw

Pendulum saw

In fact, it is a small, compact machine, in which the main role is played by a circular saw. The cutting disc can be quickly replaced, depending on the type of material being cut and the required cutting width. Also, the design allows you to install and abrasive wheels. Any pendulum saw is based on a lever system that provides a deep and even cut at any given angle in both planes. When this happens a reliable fixation of the position of the circular saw. The main feature of this power tool is high precision cross-cutting of the material, which ultimately guarantees high-quality assembly of elements at the finishing stage of production.
All pendulum saws are supplied with a protection system - a special casing that prevents the operator from contacting the cutting disc. As an addition, the saw can be equipped with a bag for collecting sawdust and extinguishing possible sparks. Pendulum equipment is intended for cutting not only wooden blanks; the installation of a special disc allows an exact cut of plastic elements,thin metal or alloys.

Operational features

The cutting efficiency and service life of the pendulum equipment are primarily related to the power of the electric motor and the value of the peripheral speed of rotation of the saw. The higher these parameters, the faster, better the cut is made and the longer the life is. However, there is another point affecting the performance of the pendulum saws - ancillary tooling. Modern manufacturers pay much attention to the improvement of clamping systems blanks. These include movable sponges, folding comb, screw mechanism. Here, the main task is the creation of such a system, which, on the one hand, reliably fixes the workpiece, on the other hand, it provides the ability to quickly move the cut part or install a new one.
When choosing a pendulum saw, it is recommended to rely on the type of main work, the material of the cut blanks. If, for example, it is intended to cut metal blanks in large volumes, then it is preferable to purchase special equipment designed to perform this particular technological operation with metal.A special pendulum saw for metal is equipped with special clamps and a more powerful screw mechanism. The use of highly specialized power tools will allow you to get a better cut and increase the life of the saw.

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