Why patients lie to doctors

You do not want to be treated

Why does the patient go to the doctor? To get a coveted hospital, or a prescription for combined analgesic, which is necessary as air, or the desired direction to the hospital without indications. The doctor in modern Russian realities can give the patient quite a bit of material benefits from health care, but this does not mean that patients do not use them.

To get sick leave, not necessarily to prick unpleasant injections and drink harmful chemical pills. It is enough to come to the reception in time, sit with a stony face and nod more or less in time with the doctor's reasoning. He still doesn’t find out that nobody was going to implement his recommendations.

Patients think this way ... And they start to get confused if the doctor asks to list all the pills that were supposed to be taken yesterday and the day before. And when the shameless doctor also forces the patient to expose the defenseless buttocks to count the traces of the given injections, the patient immediately turns into a frightened nymph, turns white and red,and then suddenly heals and hurries to leave the office.

You need approval

The benefits that the patient is seeking at the doctor’s office are not necessarily material. Approval is a treasure that many of us never received as a child. And having matured, they completely forgot what kind of joy it is, when they praise you, and you stand and shine, all good and good. The boss at work shakes for every offense, the wife saws with frequency and amplitude experienced by forest workers would envy, friends compete in the daily amateur banter - in general, there was no approval, and the soul asks for stroking from the society.

And here sits a nice man in a white coat. If you take a closer look, he is somewhat similar to mom: he also alternates peremptory and gentle intonations, he has the same slightly tired face and shrewd look, and it looks like he, like mom, knows why his stomach can hurt than anoint hurt knee and how to glue a broken heart.

Why patients lie to doctors

In the patient's head there is a change in priorities. He completely forgets that he came to the hospital to undergo treatment. Much stronger than hypertension or gastritis, the inner child “hurts” him, who was not taken to the arms for a long time, and therefore he immediately wants to receive all the approval that he has not been given since birth.

So there are patients who do not drink a single gram of alcohol, eat only broccoli for a couple, play sports every day in accordance with WHO recommendations, do not smoke and are generally an example to follow. In this case, the results of their surveys show something quite the opposite, as well as the dynamics of their condition. In other words, they blatantly lie about the lack of salt in their diet, daily exercise at dawn, and meditation before going to bed.

However, in minutes of lying to the doctor, such patients are happy. In their imagination, they are supermen who have risen above their own mortal shell. Please, let this strange aunt in a white coat just praise for super efforts and super results. And you can get treatment on the Internet.

Are you scared

Another great tactic is to pretend that nothing is happening, in the hope that the problem will resolve itself. It is scary to be ill, because one can be cured for years, suffer, and in the end still become helpless and useless to no one. But you can ignore the problem, do not let it into your field of vision, and then it may, by itself, evaporate by itself!

One of my patients with an unpleasant, but life-compatible spinal cord disease collected a package of documents for registration of disability.I, as well as my colleagues from other specialties, were embarrassed by the bad metamorphosis that occurred with her body in just six months, but clearly had no relation to the disease of the spinal cord. The patient's stomach grew like during pregnancy and had the very fullness that makes one think about the seventh or even the eighth month of an interesting situation. The patient was pretty old for fifty years, the menopause has come a long time, which means there could not be any pregnancy.

Why patients lie to doctors

Just like in the famous teenage vampire saga, our heroine was surprised with an increasingly large belly and an ever-less-blooming look. In other words, she lost ten pounds and looked not healthy at all. It is not up to the solution of bureaucratic problems with disabilities - here to the gynecologist, and hurry. Moreover, this doctor must also conduct an inspection to complete the necessary documents.

The patient happily agreed. But to the gynecologist persistently did not go. She waved her hand, convinced me and other doctors that everything was all right with her, and if she wasn’t, she would immediately rush and decide everything at the moment. Just think, for two minutes - to remove a huge myoma, which squeezed all the internal organs and it is possible that it turned into something malignant.In general, the patient's stomach continues to grow to this day, and she herself is melting in front of her eyes. But gynecologists continue to avoid this.

You know that you will not be helped

It happens: the patient does not believe in modern medicine and avoids it in every possible way, but it still finds itself in its tenacious legs. A man drinks at the weekend a vodka with beer, at work swallows a little cognac, in the evening uses one and a half bottles of vinishka. So get strong and stable, albeit unhealthy relationships with alcohol. Sometimes an alcoholic happens to undergo prophylaxis, to listen to boring doctors' instructions about what is enough to drink. In a minute he will leave the office and forget all this boredom, going into the usual mode of "alcohol daily." The secret lavstory with the bottle continues until the first epileptic fit that happens in humans. Or sudden bleeding from the enlarged esophagus veins. There are a dozen unpleasant scenarios where alcohol is the invisible but very cruel director.

An ambulance arrives, a person is in the hospital ... And begins to tell the doctors frantically. Alcoholics are people who, to the simple question “How many days ago did you drink alcohol?”, Begin to swear and swear that they had never drunk in their lives. Never.According to the myths and legends of alcoholics, they drink lemonade on New Year's Eve, tomato juice on their birthday, and corporate parties at work proudly ignore.

A person who does not have problems with alcohol will not take long to think about the doctor’s question, and then he will say that he drank a bottle of beer for a TV show ten days ago. The alcoholic will rebel with righteous anger and will inform the doctor that he does not drink at all, and never drank, and does not even know which side of the wine is opened.

The need to drink alcohol every day seems natural to an alcoholic. And the fact that the body begins to break down and crumble from toxic metabolites - an annoying surprise, which he does not want to admit. On television, they say that a daily dose of more than half a glass of wine destroys the person and body. However, our hero drinks a lot more, every day, for many years, and his experience shows that it is quite possible to live with it. And doctors are worse at all than manure flies - they only have the will to give, boring teachings about human weakness and human vices will buzz over their ears, they have no faith at all.

Why patients lie to doctors

And this is also a defense mechanism of the psyche, which is called denial. It is he who makes the alcoholic invent in the doctor's office fascinating stories about the fact that his legs refused from fatigue and disappointment in the president’s policies,and the liver was ruined by a carelessly eaten toffee.

How the secret becomes apparent

Patients lie endlessly: that they follow medical recommendations, although studies show that on average only half (or even less - it all depends on the disease) patients thoroughly follow the doctor's advice. They lie about the fact that they are no better, because they want to go a little longer on a sick leave, or because there is an official reason to get sympathy from loved ones, to hear a welcome welcome word from a doctor. Inspiringly write about improving the state, because they want to remain alone and do not believe in medicine or are tired of heightened attention to their person. Embellish the symptoms of their ailments to get some benefits.

However, most liars do not think about what doctors know about lies. Addiction to alcohol reports withdrawal syndrome: while the patient tells that he has never drunk in his life, his hands are shaking with a shiver, the skin is covered with sweat, the rapid pulse on the carotid arteries is visible to the eye, as is the characteristic redness of the skin dotted with vascular Asterisks.An exemplary presentation on the topic “I am in pain here” is checked by two or three simple tests that are not written on the Internet. Theatrical lies about the increased pressure is determined by the daily monitoring of this very pressure. And so on.

Doctors see patients lying. Know the motives. But silent, not in a hurry to catch in a lie. Someone from the doctors chooses thin trolling. Someone is waving his hand tiredly and simply doing what the patient wants to avoid a conflict situation. Some lure the patient into a trap of their own lies and put them in a foolish position. Especially talented doctors manage to wrap the situation in their favor and get material benefits. It all depends on the mood and imagination of the doctor.

Why patients lie to doctors

It is useful to remember one fact: doctors know that you are lying. While you rehearse the most believable lies in your mind, we are conducting a silent dialogue with your body, and it tells us all your secrets.

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