Why is my ugly girlfriend more popular than me?

Can an unattractive girl "gain points" among the opposite sex and the environment in general? Easily! And she will not yield anything to her beautiful girlfriend, and maybe even will be many times more popular than her. Among the guys this also happens often. The recognized handsome can quite lose to the unremarkable externally to the friend. What is the secret of such personalities?

Smile is the trump card

Optimism and cheerfulness - these are the key trumps of unattractive, but pleasant people. A sincere smile, radiating genuine friendliness, always attracts people. When everyday life is monotonous, sulfur, dull, people lack optimism and confidence in the future. Often it does not matter what kind of appearance a person has if he radiates happiness, light, joy. It is not surprising that people with a pleasant smile fascinate and fall in love with others.

A good example is the world famous actress Julia Roberts. Her appearance can not be called a classic.However, a disarming smile and a positive attitude made the actress a favorite of the public.

A good sense of humor is a big plus.

A good sense of humor is great quality. It is much more comfortable and interesting to communicate with people whom nature has not rewarded with a spectacular appearance, if they know how to joke and perfectly perceive humor.

A person who can interestingly tell funny stories in any company will be in sight. At the same time a beautiful, but boring or arrogant person will definitely lose to him. A great example is Jim Carrey. Is it possible to call this man the benchmark of attractiveness? Hardly. However, he is able to instantly charm anyone. Mikhail Galustyan is another example of such individuals, clearly demonstrating that a great sense of humor is more important than appearance.

Be confident - be attractive

To be attractive, it is not enough to have plump lips, long eyelashes, high cheekbones, to be able to make-up beautifully or to wear expensive clothes. You can become a center of attraction without all these charms. The main thing is to learn:

  • to defend their point of view, having managed to carefully listen to the interlocutor;
  • do not slouch;
  • speak interesting and confident.

A good listener and attentive, interesting interlocutor - this is many times better than the owner of a “fashionable” or just a bright appearance.

Emphasis - on its "highlight"

People who feel confident and aware of the features of their appearance, are able to properly demonstrate their features. History knows a huge number of people who were not considered attractive, but fell in love with them and idolized them. These people can be called:

  • Faina Ranevskaya;
  • Christina Ricci;
  • Sarah Jessica Parker;
  • Barbara Streisand.

The distance from the generally accepted standards of beauty is easily blocked by talent, erudition, the ability to apply, friendliness and friendliness. So the saying "do not be born beautiful ..." actually works.

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