Why is it bad to sit a lot

Nature, creating and improving the human body, suggested that throughout his life, a person would have to move a lot, fight for a place under the sun, get food. It is on this basis that the immune system and human metabolism were formed.

All organs and organ systems in the human body are designed for permanent active movement. A sedentary lifestyle leads to the fact that muscles and organs begin to stagnate, the connective tissues become less elastic, and here the process of their destruction begins. The most affected in this situation are the vessels through which nutrients move to the tissues, they have to work in an emergency mode. Blood vessels, especially small ones, do not cope with the performance of their functions, depriving the tissue of the necessary nutrition.

Prolonged lack of physical activity adversely affects the appearance of a person, the appearance of skin, hair, nails deteriorates, and all this is due to a lack of nutrients and oxygen.

But the lack of nutrients is not all that threatens a sedentary lifestyle. In addition to the fact that the blood vessels nourish our body, they also remove the decay products. Inelastic vessels cannot completely eliminate slags and toxins from the body, cholesterol plaques form in the vessels, which can lead to stroke over time.

If the existing work involves a constant sitting in a sitting position, then every hour you need to get up, do a little warm-up, go to the window to breathe in fresh air. Returning home, you can walk a couple of stops. If possible, it is better to abandon the elevator, descents and ascents along the stairs help to strengthen the cardiovascular system.

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