Why dream that you sleep in a dream

Mysterious and not studied until the end of the kingdom of Morpheus, striking a stunning variety of visions and images that arise in a sleeping person. Their interpretation is given by dream books, collecting information on the basis of long-term observations and subsequent analysis. What does the dream, dreamed in a dream, mean, let's try to understand with the help of the most popular sources.

ABC interpretation of dreams

In this dream book to sleep, and then suddenly wake up, means that you can now completely rely on your own intuition. It is necessary to do everything possible so that the voice of reason does not drown out your natural sense and ability to foresee. The appearance of other people sleeping in a dream is a sign that your capabilities are not fully utilized, and there are still many reserves that need to be used.

Old dream book

If you have to go to bed in a dream, then it is likely to be deceived by someone from near or far surroundings. To see oneself asleep, foreshadows a strong surprise, and when another person is sleeping, this is a sign that you need to be constantly vigilant.Trying to wake a sleeping person means calling for caution and care.

Esoteric dream book

The interpretation of what dreams of sleeping in a dream, in terms of esotericism, is as follows. Such a vision may indicate the willingness of the dreamer to obtain the necessary information through dreams and use it in his daily life. Before you go to bed, you need to mentally say what question you would like to know the answer. All you need to try to remember and fix in memory.

Dream dream of the past

When a sleeping person dreams that he is sleeping, it means that there is some kind of insoluble situation in his life. Subconsciously, he is trying to postpone an important solution to this problem, because he is not sure which way will be better. Sleeping in your dream symbolizes the need to delay the adoption of responsible decisions.

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Sleep in a dream - what is it for?

The dream of psychologist Lofa

From the point of view of a famous psychologist, the state of sleep in one’s own dreams means the body’s vulnerability to external factors. At such moments, a person is practically unable to protect himself or his loved ones.Such disarmament and helplessness can give rise to an anxiety that translates into either a feeling of relief or a desire to hurt other people.

Dream and Dmitri and Hope of Winter

If during a dream comes a vision that you are sleeping or are going to go to bed, it means that there is not enough initiative and activity in your life. Such a vision most often symbolizes inaction, passivity, and inattention to detail.

If the dreams in your dream are severe, then your inaction can lead to unpleasant consequences. Reconsider your approach to life, active actions can significantly improve its quality. When you lie in a good mood, it means that in real life you can expect an unexpected resolution of long-standing problems.

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