Why at night the food in the refrigerator tastes better

Why at night in the fridge food becomes more delicious

According to a number of psychologists, many people are now forced to live in a too fast rhythm - they have to move quickly, perceive and process information, follow changes in the outside world, etc. And many during the day have to “on the run”, trying to “freeze the worm” and find a little more time to relax or communicate with colleagues. In such conditions it is quite difficult to enjoy the taste and aroma of food.Quite often, the food in the fridge becomes more delicious for those who are forced to eat during the day practically “on the job” - when a sandwich on the run and a cup of coffee make up a traditional snack.
And only in the evening, or rather at night, when a person finally comes home and can relax, he feels a real hunger. Cases are completed, you can take time for yourself ... Not all, unfortunately, after a hard day filled with anxiety and stress, are ready to do relaxing exercises or yoga to relieve tension.Much more affordable is a refrigerator, which by night becomes a magnetically attractive one.
It is impossible not to mention the so-called habit of “seizing stress”, when the nightly raid on the refrigerator becomes a tried-and-true means for relieving all anxiety. Psychologists are sounding the alarm: this stereotype of behavior is becoming more common, while it has a detrimental effect on health. The following method is much more effective: to try to determine the cause of anxiety (anxiety, uncertainty, fear, etc.) in order to deal with the “source” of the problem. If you can not do it yourself, you can ask for help from a psychologist.

How to resist temptations

The temptation to spend a cozy evening on a sofa after a busy day is very great, especially if you get something not very useful but tasty from the refrigerator and see, for example, a good movie. However, in the morning you can find that your favorite clothes have become a bit cramped, and after an extra piece of cake yesterday, you do not want to have breakfast yesterday. After some time, other troubles may appear, for example, the first signs of gastritis.According to nutritionists, it is better not to wait for these "bells", but try to fix the diet right now.For many people, according to scientists, food is the most affordable way to achieve satisfaction. And the night is the very time when nothing distracts from getting pleasure, so simple and close.
Psychologists recommend hanging on a refrigerator a photo of a model or a slim celebrity in a bikini - and then, at the first attempt to check the refrigerator for particularly tasty products, reason can triumph. And in the morning, when the stomach is relaxed during the night, you can start the day properly - with a hearty and high-calorie breakfast. After all, as you know, food eaten at night will not add to health, especially if it is fast food, sweets and other not the most useful products.

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