White shirt - what to wear with the trend of the season? (13 pictures)

In this season, white shirts are relevant. And do not think that this is too boring and strict. If you know some tricks, you can look sexy and attractive in such a thing.

Irina Shayk

How to choose?

To be stylish, you first need to make the right choice. Here's what to look for when choosing a white shirt:

  • Features of the figure. White color is full, but a properly chosen silhouette will avoid it. So, if you are the owner of mouth-watering forms, then choose models of fitted, but at the same time free cut. Tight blouse can afford only slim girls.
  • Colour. Yes, there are several shades of white: milky, white-creamy, creamy, creamy, ivory. Swarthy girls will approach a whitish-white, but if your skin is too pale, then this shade can make the look painful. Warm shades of leather (peach, beige) are perfectly combined with warm tones of white, such as milk or ivory.
  • If you want to buy a universal thing, then buy a blouse with a straight silhouette and forget about the models fitted.
  • Length. It should be such that the shirt can be easily tucked into a skirt or pants. The edge of the blouse should cover the buttocks slightly, in this case it will not constantly break out from under the belt.
  • Collar and neckline. A square or round neckline will help make your shoulders wider. But distract attention from the shoulders turn-down collar. Stand-up collar will help visually lengthen the neck. The V-neckline will accentuate the chest.
  • Details. Flounces and ruffles will help make the chest more voluminous. Dark inserts on the sides can favorably emphasize the waist and make the silhouette more feminine. Embroidery on the chest will distract attention from the waist and help hide flaws. Large buttons will make the image more vivid.
  • The length of the sleeves. Long sleeves are a classic. Short sleeves are suitable for the warm season and make the image more relaxed and free. Sleeves with a length of ¾ are both sexy and stern.
  • The cloth. And this moment is also very important. First, choose only natural breathable materials that will quickly evaporate moisture and pass air. It can be cotton, flax.Secondly, make sure that the fabric does not shine through the body, especially if you plan to go to work in a blouse.
  • Happening. If you want to go to a white blouse in a club or at a party (and why not?), Then you can choose a light sexy translucent shirt of an interesting cut with embroidery. Romantic satin or silk fitted blouse will suit for a date. But for the office the best option would not be too tight cotton shirt.

What to combine?

So, what to wear with a white shirt? We bring to your attention the most successful combinations.

Colors and prints


White is a universal color with a combination of almost any shades and tones. It can be classic black or gray, official and simultaneously delicate beige, passionate red, noble dark blue, fresh blue or mint, coral, mysterious violet, bright orange and yellow. In general, do not be afraid and experiment.

As for prints and drawings, there is plenty to choose from, so be bolder!


Several win-win combinations:

  1. Fashionable and stylish with a white shirt will look vest.It can be both strict office, and more free jeans.
  2. Slip a fitted jacket over the top. Chic office style tandem with a hint of sexuality is ready!
  3. Almost any pants will fit perfectly with a white shirt: wide, strict straight, narrowed cropped, banana pants, flared from the knee or from the hip. Blouse is best tucked into trousers, otherwise you will look sloppy and ridiculous. The colors of the pants can be any, permissible and bold prints.
  4. Jeans. Pick up a loose slim shirt, undo the first few buttons, roll up your sleeves and put on your jeans. It can be either narrow skinny, or loose “boyfriends” or straight jeans. A great image in the style of kazhual. Convenient, youth and fresh.
  5. Shorts can also go well with a white blouse, with both youth short jeans and more restrained fabric.
  6. The pencil skirt will look great with a white blouse and emphasize femininity and sexy look.
  7. Want to create an interesting image in a romantic style? Then wear a fluffy skirt to the knees of the model new look and tuck in her light chiffon white shirt with short sleeves.


Eva Longoria

When choosing shoes, consider the overall direction of the style.But in any case, almost all heels shoes are perfectly combined with white shirts: boots, shoes, ankle boots. In some cases (for example, if you choose a casual casual style), it is possible to afford flats or moccasins. But it is better to refuse sports shoes.



Several variants:

  • A thin red or white strap will emphasize your waist and your femininity.
  • A pendant on a long chain, worn over the collar, will make the image more daring.
  • Feel free to wear large bracelets. It can be a wide bracelet with stones or a thin elegant bead bracelet.
  • If you prefer a strict image, pick up a clutch bag or envelope bag. And for a free style suitable bag shopper.

Experiment and surprise everyone!

For fashion girls

Casual style

Many shades

Simple but fashionable

With jeans

With a bright skirt

Sport style



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