Which attire is suitable for a wedding?

Wedding is an important mystery. And if you want it to pass by all the rules, then pay special attention to the choice of attire.

Bridal outfit

What should be the wedding dress of the bride? To select it, find out the most important points.

Dress style

The style of a dress can be any, but nevertheless in it the bride should look feminine, elegant and at the same time modest, since it is absolutely impossible to appear in church in too frank and especially vulgar dresses.

Choosing dresses for a wedding for the bride, it is worth paying attention to strict, concise and restrained models, pretentiousness and pomposity are inappropriate. For example, an A-line dress will do. Lush models are permissible, but still it is better to abandon them, since the church does not accept boasting and narcissism.

Be sure to pay attention to the sleeves. It is advisable to choose a dress with long sleeves, but in the hot season it will be uncomfortable and stuffy, so short ones are acceptable.But in any case, according to church canons, the shoulders should be covered.

An important point - neckline. Of course, it should not be too deep, it will look vulgar. The chest should be completely closed. Shallow round neckline or boat necklines are appropriate.

Hem length

On the length should be written separately, as it is important. The bride's knees should certainly be closed, so that the mini dresses and even to the middle of the thigh will have to be abandoned, they will definitely be inappropriate. But it is not necessary to buy a long dress, it can reach the knees or slightly cover them, it is also permissible.

Dress color

The color of the dress must also meet certain requirements. Firstly, it can not be too dark. So such tones as black, dark blue, burgundy, brown, purple and others are unacceptable. Secondly, the shade should not be flashy, “acidic” and too bright. Inappropriate red, hot pink, mint, lemon, bright yellow, bright green and other similar.

Despite so many restrictions, the choice is still great. So, the classic white and more delicate shade of “champagne” are welcome.Allowed beige, milky. Delicate pastel colors are also permissible, for example, peach, soft blue, light pink, lilac and others.


What material should the dress be made of? In principle, from any, but not too frank and transparent. Simple and dense fabrics are welcome, but if you want to be a real queen at a wedding, you can pay attention to satin, silk, taffeta, jacquard, satin or crepe.

Guipure, chiffon and lace are more outspoken and translucent, so only some elements can be made of them, for example, sleeves or the upper layer of the hem. It is also permissible to place such fabrics on other, more stringent ones.


The decor should not be too flashy and bright, the church does not welcome it. To decorate the wedding dress can be used ribbons, lace, not too large and soft colors, beads (in the tone of the dress). But rhinestones, sequins or stones will look excessively pretentious and pretentious.

How to cover the shoulders, if the dress is open?

If you chose a beautiful dress, but it's pretty open, do not change it. You can cover your shoulders with the help of a bolero, wedding gown, cardigan, shawl, shawl, wrap and so on. But such an accessory, as well as a dress, should be restrained and concise.

It can be made from almost any material, but not from absolutely transparent. By the way, if you abandoned the veil, you can purchase a cape with a hood that will cover not only the shoulders, but also the head.


Wedding is a sacrament, during which certain rules must be observed. And according to one of them, the head of the bride must necessarily be covered. For this purpose, you can use a veil. But it should not be too long, bright and richly decorated.

A simple model will do. If you decide to refuse such an accessory, you can use any other one that will cover your head, for example, a shawl, shawl, tippet or hood.

What can the groom wear?

With the groom's outfit, everything is much simpler, since the usual classic wedding suit is suitable. But there are some requirements for it:

  • The costume should not be too unusual and original. A man should look serious and reliable.
  • Color is also important. It should be discreet and simple. Suitable colors such as beige, white, gray, black, dark blue. Bright and unusual shades, as in the case of a bridal outfit, are unacceptable.It is advisable to choose a one-colored suit, although a small and barely noticeable strip is acceptable.
  • It is worth avoiding catchy and vivid details.


Useful tips:

  • Dresses should be comfortable, because they have to stand without movements for a long time.
  • If you dreamed of a short dress, then for the wedding you can purchase the second. And it does not necessarily have to be expensive and chic. You can buy the most simple and discreet model in a regular store.
  • To avoid mistakes, consult with the priest in advance.
  • It is difficult to decide, especially if there are no ideas about wedding dresses. To go to the store purposefully, knowing the appropriate models, you can view photos in wedding fashion magazines.

Take responsibility for the choice of clothes so that the sacrament of the wedding will go according to the rules.

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