Which is better: "Diflucan" or "Flucostat"?

September 6, 2011
Which is better: "Diflucan" or "Flucostat"?

Many people who have written antifungal agent often face a choice: what to buy - "Diflucan" or "Flucostat"? Both drugs have almost the same effect, but only the price is suspiciously different. Those who went to the pharmacy, it is known that "Flukostat" compared with "Diflukanom" much cheaper. And then the thought creeps into your head: what if it is not without purpose? And the person decides to choose what is more expensive. And if the effect and effectiveness of drugs is the same, then why pay more? Which is better: "Diflucan" or "Flucostat"? To get rid of unnecessary questions, you need to learn a little about the history of these drugs.

"Diflucan" was produced abroad (production - the United States and France) before "Flyukostat". This drug has gone through several clinical trials and has been found to be effective and relatively safe. In addition, "Diflucan" perfectly advertised. This is the original drug. Therefore, it is more expensive. "Flukostat" - domestic production.He, like some similar drugs, was created on the basis of Diflucan, the main treating components of them are the same. However, Flukostat has other additives that Diflucan does not have. This is their difference. Flucostat is a generic of Diflucan. Many people make a choice in favor of imported drugs, citing the bad faith of manufacturing a domestic drug. People are afraid of allergies, which can be caused by the components of Flukostat. However, in general, the reviews about "Flukostat" are good, and many people believe that it treats no worse than "Diflucan".

Many doctors advise you to choose a completely different medicine - Fluconazole. Indications for use are the same as those of these drugs, and the price is quite acceptable. This medicine has been working for more than 13 years and is effectively curing from the corresponding diseases. If you still want to choose "Diflucan" or "Flucostat", then before you buy, carefully read the instructions for each drug. And remember: none of these drugs can not be taken without medical advice!

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