Which dress is suitable for the mother of the bride?

Wedding is an important event for which not only the heroes of the occasion, but also the guests are preparing. And, of course, special attention should be paid to the mothers of the bride and the groom. But how to choose the perfect dress?

What requirements should meet?

The main requirements for the dress:

  • Comfort. Moms at the wedding will move quite a lot, so the outfit should be as comfortable as possible so that nothing distracts from the holiday.
  • Matching the overall style of the wedding. If it is clearly defined, then the outfits must match it. For each direction, certain styles and colors are characteristic, so it is worthwhile to find out in advance what style the event will take place. So, a Provence style wedding requires elegant, but at the same time gentle and romantic dresses, pastel colors. The Greek style assumes characteristic styles and pure shades. If you choose a Victorian style, then the dress should be gorgeous, almost royal.
  • Moderation.When choosing, it is worth remembering that the main characters of the celebration are the bride and the groom, so that none of those present should overshadow them, paying all attention to themselves.
  • Correspondence to the features of the figure. The ideal outfit should advantageously emphasize the dignity of the figure and at the same time skillfully mask all the shortcomings.
  • In no case should the mother’s attire be vulgar and screaming, it would look ridiculous and put the woman in an unfortunate light, causing the bride or the groom to “blush”.

How to decide on a style?

It starts with the length. A beautiful wedding dress for the mother of the bride should be, above all, elegant and restrained. So the length of the mini should be avoided, it will definitely be inappropriate. Underline the charm and hide everything that does not need to show the dress to the floor.

But such a model is not suitable for a mom of short stature (although heel shoes will help correct the situation). It is worth remembering that the hem should cover completely and completely the legs, as well as part of the heel, but this can create certain inconveniences.

If the woman is rather slender, she can open her knees, but only slightly: literally a few centimeters. Versatile and elegant length to the knees.You can also choose an outfit that covers the knees and reaches the top of the calf. But the dress length to the middle of the calf will look ridiculous and as if to cut the silhouette.

Tips for choosing the style of dress:

  • If the mother is slim and attractive, she can afford any dress, including a fitted form-fitting style.
  • A lady-dress with an appealing shape will suit a sheath dress. It perfectly emphasizes the roundness, but it does not put them in an unfavorable light. This style is able to make a woman more attractive, young, elegant and feminine.
  • Hide the volume in the abdomen will help an evening dress in Empire style or in Greek style. Such models emphasize the chest, but at the same time skillfully hide the lower part of the body, making the image incredibly feminine.
  • If the shape of the hands is not perfect, it is better to close them. If they are quite complete, then you can hide the volume behind the flowing fabrics or sleeves-bells.
  • Almost any woman will fit the neckline “boat”, which will not pay attention to the neckline (this is inappropriate).
  • Ladies with curvaceous better to avoid dresses of complex cut with an abundance of draperies, folds and other volume elements.
  • Hoodie dresses will not hide completeness, as many believe. On the contrary, they are suitable for slender or even thin ladies.
  • Avoid too frank neckline, they look vulgar and absolutely not suitable for women balzakovskogo age.
  • Stylish and elegant both on a slim and full lady will look fashionable dress A-silhouette, flared down. It will hide all the flaws and visually stretch the figure.


The material from which the mother's outfit is made plays an important role. But how to choose it? It is worth paying attention to several important points:

  • It is not recommended to buy dresses made of translucent fabrics, they look vulgar.
  • It is better to choose rather dense fabrics, as they will favorably emphasize the silhouette, will slightly correct it and hide the flaws.
  • You can also pay attention to flowing and flowing materials, such as chiffon or satin.
  • Overflows of silk and satin can add volume, which is completely inappropriate with the already magnificent forms.
  • Middle-aged women are not recommended to buy clothes from elastic fabrics, they will flaunt all the flaws and imperfections.figures.
  • The material should be natural, well pass the air and quickly evaporate moisture.

Colors and drawings

What should be the color of the mother's dress of the bride or the groom? It is advisable to pay attention to the deep and noble shades, such as burgundy, blue, brown, purple or emerald. Also relevant are delicate pastel colors: peach, pink, lilac, beige.

White and all its shades are inappropriate (this is the color of the bride), as well as black, symbolizing mourning. It should be avoided and too "acidic" and screaming tones. But if you want something fresh, you can choose such tones as coral, crimson, mint.

As for prints, only discreet and elegant are appropriate. The ideal option would be flowers, but not too large and bright.

Where to buy?

For an elegant and truly chic dress is to go to a specialized store or department of dresses for middle-aged women. Here you can certainly buy an outfit of any style and style, as well as large size. You can visit the bridal salon, some of them sell dresses for both brides and mothers.

Helpful Tips

A few recommendations for mothers of brides and grooms:

  • If you can not decide and choose something suitable, you can view photos presented in fashion magazines or on relevant sites.
  • Mother of the bride can ask for help from her daughter. A groom's mother should seek advice from a friend.
  • You should not choose too fitting dress "butt". A wedding is not only active dancing, but also a feast. In both cases, the tight fit of the fabric will be extremely uncomfortable and inappropriate.
  • Wearing a dress in the store, it is worth moving around: sit down, walk, spin. This will evaluate the convenience.

May the mother of the bride and groom be irresistible at such an important event as the marriage of their own child!

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