Whey hair

One of the points of attractive female appearance has long been considered beautiful silky hair: regardless of length, they must be well-groomed, have a healthy structure, shine, differ in strength and elasticity. But without proper care, burdened with unhealthy diet, regular stresses and negative effects on the body of an environmentally unfriendly environment, the hairstyle becomes faded and the hair is brittle, lifeless and disobedient.

The universal natural remedy used by our great-grandmothers - whey will help solve the problems that have arisen with the head of hair.

Milk whey for home hair is easy to prepare, and the result it will surpass all expectations: the hair will again become beautiful, thick and silky.

Whey: the benefits and composition

Whey is a nutritious product formed from milk by rolling and filtering. Those who made home-made cottage cheese, saw a hazy translucent water that appears in the process - this is whey, which can be successfully used not only for food, but also for the benefit of your hair.

The composition of the serum is unique and rich:

  • more than two hundred varieties of micro- and macroelements: phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, etc .;
  • organic compounds: easily digestible proteins, carbohydrates - completely absorbed by the body milk sugar (lactose), nicotinic acid, biotin and the complete absence of fat (except for a small amount of milk fat that enhances the enzyme activity);
  • vitamins: A, B, C and E.

In addition to a very simple way of home preparation, you can buy a ready-made whey product in pharmacies or dairy grocery stores. Famous cosmetology brands and pharmaceutical companies offer products based on whey - shampoos and hair masks.

Whey hair

Hair Serum solves the most common problems:

  • strengthening the structure of each hair, preserving and restoring shine and silkiness;
  • eliminating dandruff, reducing the appearance of allergic reactions and inflammation on the scalp;
  • nutrient enrichment and activation of metabolic processes will prevent hair loss and accelerate their growth.

The recommended periodicity of the use of whey as a stand-alone product or as part of ready-made or home-made masks - once or twice a week

Serum after use is washed off with strands of warm water.

How to make whey

Do not want to go to the store to pamper your hair, but in the refrigerator there is a little sour or fresh milk? Then it makes sense to make whey yourself - it will take literally five minutes!

Method number 1

The presence of sour milk or sour milk greatly simplifies the task. About half a liter of acidic lactic liquid is poured into a suitable container and heated on a low heat, not allowing it to boil: the curdling and separation of the serum liquid will occur. The cooled milk is filtered through gauze multilayered fabric or a small strainer - the drained liquid is whey.

Method number 2

This method is intended for those who urgently decided to do their own appearance, and in the refrigerator or store there is only fresh milk. Do not torture yourself with expectations, while the dairy product will sour naturally. A teaspoon of citric acid or 9% vinegar is added to the heated milk. After cooling the milk, it should be filtered through a multi-layer gauze or a sieve with small cells.

Whey hair

How to apply whey hair: recipes

There are a lot of ways of using the product obtained at home or ready whey: from simple general strengthening rinsing to home cosmetological means of complex care.

Natural shampoo

A home shampoo with serum effectively cleanses the hair and removes grease from the surface of the scalp: in a 1: 1 milk whey, the broth of burdock roots is poured in and the head is rinsed with the resulting liquid.

Oatmeal mask

A nutritious high-speed mask consists of a whey preheated to 40-50 ° C, mixed with oat flakes to a thick consistency. Kashitsa is applied to the hair under the insulation of polyethylene film and towels, aged for half an hour, then washed off with a stream of warm water.

Whey hair

Honey mask

To the volume of whey, equal to two cups, add 3 tablespoons. melted honey in a water bath and stirred until dissolved. The composition is applied to the hair for 20-30 minutes, washed off under a strong stream of warm water - if it is difficult to wash off, it is recommended to use shampoo.Such a honey-milk procedure will renew, moisturize and permeate every hair to the core: the tips will stop cutting and the strands will become obedient and easy to comb.

Egg mask

Two fresh chicken eggs are mixed with two cups of whey and whipped with a mixer until light foam is formed. After settling foam mass is applied to the scalp and strands with warming for 20 minutes, then washed off.

Whey hair

Serum camomile mask

Chamomile decoction - and so valuable product for hair care, and in combination with the serum gives the strands strength, elasticity, shine. Pharmaceutical chamomile collection or prepared chilled chamomile prepared with your own hands should be poured with a glass of water and boiled, leaving after 15-20 minutes in a sealed container. 100 ml (half a glass) of serum and a few drops of apple cider vinegar are added to the finished strained decoction. The thoroughly mixed composition is applied to the strands for half an hour.

Hair conditioner

To have a rinse from serum on hand means to give your hair vitamins and minerals, nutrients and the power of nature itself without unnecessary trouble and serious financial expenses.For thin and brittle hair, frequent use of a rinse from decoction of chamomile, nettle, burdock with the addition of whey taken in equal proportions is suitable: an incomplete cup of whey per liter of the total volume of decoctions.

Whey hair

Milk whey is a rather delicate product that, when stored, easily molds and loses its useful properties. Therefore, it is recommended to use a freshly prepared product, and if a larger volume is obtained during home cooking, it is useful to take the excess inwards - the effect of serum on the body is effective with any method of use.

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