Where to look for the perfect husband

Social networks

Many people underestimate social networks and do not believe that dating on the Internet can turn into something serious. Do not believe! Personally, I met my husband on Odnoklassniki. Unless to sites of acquaintances I would not advise to be taken seriously. Mostly there live preoccupied specimens in the hope of catching a bit of fast sex without commitment.

Pros:no need to strain too much, you can get acquainted without leaving your home.

Minuses:behind a photo of a muscular handsome man, a plump bespectacled mama's son can hide, who is even too lazy to get out of the house to meet a girl.

Where to look for the perfect husband


Not all catering establishments are suitable for this business. It is necessary to choose those that are located near large business centers. Business men of different calibers can not go to such establishments for lunch. Therefore, you need to go at lunchtime and on weekdays, because on weekends free men, if they go to a cafe, it is only to sharpen beer for beer with friends.Don't take your girlfriends with you - they will only spoil everything, but you should take a magazine or laptop with you, because if you languidly look into the distance, you may get the impression that you are expecting someone.

Pros:you practically don’t have to do anything, just sit and wait until someone decides to meet you. Well, maximum eyes shoot.

Minuses:unfortunately, this plus is also a minus too. This method practically does not imply any initiative on your part, which means it reduces your chances of getting acquainted.

Where to look for the perfect husband

Fitness club

I have been going to the gym for five years and with confidence I can say that the grooms are there - even with a shovel. Any age and social status. And to get to know them in general is easy and simple. You can ask a question about fitness or ask you to hedge you on a weight exercise. In the fitness club, you can combine business with pleasure - and make new acquaintances, and bring the figure in order. The main thing is not to confuse the halls: in your gym, and not on aerobics.

Pros:most visitors to fitness clubs are in good shape, or aspire to it.You want a man with a sports figure, not a bag of bones?

Minuses:there is a high probability to run into daffodils that swing to catch the admiring glances of women. They have not grown to a serious relationship.

Where to look for the perfect husband

Refueling and car wash

If you drive a car, you can watch a boyfriend at a gas station or a car wash. Get there is easy. At the gas station you can ask the man you like to help you with refueling, for example, pretend that you have a fuel tank cap. At the car wash, you can begin to discuss current road problems, and a new acquaintance is guaranteed. Who knows what it can grow into?

Pros:You will be able to estimate the financial capabilities of a man according to the brand of car. Home after the meeting it's more pleasant to return to the new BMW, and not to the old wreck.

Minuses:such places assume a continuous conveyor of visitors, especially refueling. You may simply not have time to talk with a man. Well, if you leave a business card. Yes, and BMW may not be his, and he's just a driver.

Where to look for the perfect husband


At airports, get to know each other easily and naturally.This is facilitated by the atmosphere of waiting rooms, where passengers who travel alone, often bored, waiting for their flight. If no one is in a hurry to invite you to the nearest airport coffee shop to pass the time before boarding the plane, you can go on the offensive yourself and ask for help to carry the bag or find the check-in counter.

Pros:your new acquaintance might be traveling, since you met at the airport. Then you will travel together - it's so romantic!

Minuses:or maybe he just wanders around on business trips. You will have to spend weeks alone, waiting for his return.

Where to look for the perfect husband


If you sit at home in four walls, the probability of meeting your prince is sharply reduced. Lead a socially active lifestyle, go to friendly parties, do not refuse invitations to birthdays and weddings. On such hangouts you can often meet free men.

Pros:the atmosphere helps acquaintance. In addition, friends usually gather at parties, which means you can always find out from your mutual friends what a person is.

Minuses:what could be the cons at parties ?! Go ahead with the song!

Where to look for the perfect husband

Car presentations

Even if you are never a driver, try to go to a presentation of a new model of some kind of premium car. Surely one of your friends drives a car and periodically receives such invitations. Ask for it with him (or with her). Of course, ideally, it’s not a bad idea to be with the cars on you, because you need to start a conversation with a potential boyfriend. At such presentations, as a rule, testosterone concentrations are off the scale.

Pros:at such events, as a rule, not the poorest men go.

Minuses:such men will have to comply. Are you ready for this?Where to look for the perfect husband


Sometimes you don't have to go very far to find your happiness. Take a closer look at your colleagues. Maybe not all of them are such dull potatoes as you imagine them. Perhaps someone has long been calling you on a date, but you do not take him seriously or think that “corporate” relations will not lead to anything good. Do not focus on stupid stereotypes - no one knows where the love of all life awaits you.Suddenly just at work? Well, if you have everything in the organization that is rotten with staff, maybe this is an excuse to change jobs?

Pros:with a colleague, you spend a lot of time together, which means you can get to know him well, because he's in front of you.

Minuses:if your relationship does not develop, it will be uncomfortable to continue to work together, especially if you are not very peaceful.

Where to look for the perfect husband

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