Where to go in the New Year holidays

Depending on your desire and wallet size, you can make 4 types of travel. The first one is a trip to hot countries. Egypt guarantees its tourists at the beginning of the year amazing weather without heat, warm sea, a lot of exciting excursions and spectacular New Year's shows. The same scale New Year's holiday provide the United Arab Emirates, Goa, Mexico, Haiti and a number of other summer resorts.
The second type of travel is ideal for lovers of the exotic. It includes long trips to countries such as Thailand, India, and Japan. It is believed that the winter in Thailand - this is the best time to relax. Reasonable prices and excellent service in the style of Asian exotic will delight you in resorts such as Phuket, Pattaya, Samui.
The third type of travel is associated with a ski vacation. Such countries as Switzerland, France will give you an unforgettable New Year's holiday. If you choose relatively inexpensive resorts,You can please yourself by visiting Austria, the Czech Republic, Transcarpathia, whose service is not inferior in terms of the most expensive ski resorts.
The last, fourth type will be the most acceptable for those who do not like long journeys and is a patriot of their country. For example, you can take a tour of the Golden Ring, which will surprise you with the rich history of ancient Russian cities and fascinate you with the incredible winter landscapes of your native land.
Decide on the exact date of the beginning and end of your “great journey”. If you decide to celebrate New Year at home, it’s best to go on a tour from January 2nd. If you want to celebrate this holiday in a new atmosphere, feel free to leave on December 30th. But remember that in most hotels for the participation in the New Year's Eve an additional charge.
The sooner you plan everything, the more successful and fun your New Year holidays will be. Start your search for a reliable travel agency and do not expect last minute tours for the New Year. And most importantly - plan your New Year holidays with a festive mood, and then your vacation will certainly meet your expectations!

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