Where to celebrate New Year 2013

Where to celebrate New Year 2013

Where is it better to celebrate the New Year 2013? We celebrate New Year 2013 unusually.

That's the problem ... Where is the New Year to celebrate?



This is the New Year on the nose, and you are still undecided on the place of celebration? We will help you solve this problem. Options for the sea. Just think, weigh all the pros and cons and immediately choose where to meet the New Year 2013, and we will show you the options below.


We celebrate New Year's Eve.



Celebrate the New Year at home - a traditional place of celebration. For us, it became quite common that on December 31 we scurry about the shops, rush to cut salads and put order in the apartment. After the forces have almost left us, we still cover the festive table, put ourselves in order, and in the circle of relatives, friends and acquaintances, we meet the New Year 2013 with cheers, give inexpensive gifts. Or rather, not remembering yourself from fatigue, drinking a glass of champagne and going to lie down on the sofa ... Well, somehow very home-like, right? And many celebrate the beginning of the new year in this way, since it will allow economically celebrating the New Year.When nothing in your wallet crunches, but only a trifle rings, the New Year at home is the only way out. There are also “pluses” in the celebration of the house - you can call as many guests as you like, sit mentally, laugh in a homely atmosphere.


If you are too lazy to meet guests, then be yourself a guest. This is the best option. Then you can even relax to the fullest. Celebration of the house to the soul of a wise, loving quiet peaceful life Snake.


Or maybe celebrate the New Year in a cafe or restaurant?



There are those among us who simply hate long preparation and boring watching TV on New Year's Eve. Then ordering a table in a cafe or restaurant is one option for you. In such establishments, a festive program, a whole mass of competitions, a disco are always thought out. It will not do without Grandfather Frost, Snegurochka. It's not boring here! But in this kind of rest there is a minus - around strangers who, after drinking, may behave inadequately. But some do not interfere. Then go ahead!


Let's rush to the cottage for the New Year.



Those who have country houses are very comfortable to celebrate the New Year.It's just the perfect place for those who love romance: fluffy snow, fresh air, a tree in the yard, bright stars and silence. All this is not in the city. We recommend you to stock up on warm blankets, in which you can wrap yourself up, sipping champagne, and various snacks. Fireworks will be absolutely superfluous. You will remember this New Year's Eve for a long time.


Celebrate the New Year in the forest under the tree.



Where to celebrate New Year 2013

Where to meet the New Year 2013 is unusual or vice versa - usually.


Completely “finished” romantics will prefer the forest to the country house. Such a celebration, of course, is not for everyone. For many, just punishing some kind of climb through the snowdrifts "deeply" in the snow, jump in the cold and warm up by the fire. While others are what they need: clean air, the trees are invisible (dress up everything), a favorite delicacy is barbecue. In general, choose an amateur.


Attention, attention, says Moscow!



Moscow, Red Square - one of the most famous places of cult gathering people of the whole country on the night of New Year's Eve. Undoubtedly, it is very exciting to follow along with the thousands of people who are with you, during the last seconds of the outgoing year ... However, if you move away from euphoria, you can easily see some "minuses" - to spend all night on your feet, bad weather. But, as you know, young and energetic everything on the shoulder ...


Why does Santa Claus (Santa Claus) himself come to us? Come to visit him!



Many children write letters to Grandfather Frost, in anticipation of receiving gifts. Imagine how happy they will be if you eat where Santa Claus lives? And maybe you'll meet? It is no secret that Santa Claus and Snow Maiden live in Veliky Ustyug. For this reason, excursions there in the winter time are very popular. Having gone to rest there, you will have a great time. And not only you, but also your children. First of all, no one has yet canceled the meeting with the living grandfather Frost. Secondly, this resort is “rich” in various recreational activities: skiing, sledding, ice skating, horse riding, etc. You will plunge into a kind, serene world of your childhood, you will immediately feel a friendly attitude towards yourself: the situation itself has to it. To meet the New Year in such a place is just super and if you have the means, go ahead!


But there is another option: to visit the overseas grandfather Frost or, in a different way, to Santa Claus. In this case, you will have to go to Finland for the New Year. Believe me, you won't be bored: the resort at this time of year is full of tourists, the entertainment program is 100% working. That's just the price of such a great pastime.


We celebrate New Year's Eve abroad.



To meet the New Year abroad - a luxury that will be remembered for a lifetime or take a worthy place!

To meet the New Year abroad - a luxury that will be remembered for a lifetime or take a worthy place!


As a rule, if the New Year is celebrated abroad, then hot countries are chosen. How wonderful to listen to the chiming clock, lying on the beach surrounded by palm trees, golden sand and the Cote d'Azur. And if you did not manage to visit the sea in the summer, then in the New Year holidays you should sunbathe "God himself commanded." Just imagine, in Russia in some places -40C, and you bask in a lounge chair under the rays of the gentle sun, and your skin gets a golden hue. Dream! To make this dream come true, we advise you to purchase vouchers in advance (there is always hype for such vouchers). Advance purchase of vouchers recommend to implement in respect of the following countries: Dominican Republic, Mexico, Cuba, Thailand. Incendiary carnivals take place there on the first night of the new year. Such a trip promises to be unforgettable. If you intend to celebrate the New Year, say, in the Crimea, then you should not hurry so much: you can buy a ticket even for a week.


Those who do not like hot countries, can safely go to the ski resort. For this, it is not necessary to cross the border of our Motherland (of course, depending on where you live, I am in Ukraine). There is a wonderful ski resort in the Carpathian Mountains.Here we also wanted to celebrate the New Year there, perhaps it will happen!


Rainbow welcomes guests on New Year's holidays and Europe. It is very romantic to be at this time in Paris. Traditionally, the grandiose fireworks arrange the French on the Champs Elysees, near the Eiffel Tower. You will not forget such New Year holidays.


Of course, there are many options for celebrating the New Year, the choice is yours. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the symbol of 2013 is the Snake, and she, as you know, is a lover of a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. We recommend you to celebrate the coming year in harmony with this symbol. Try to avoid noisy, loud companies, and be in the circle of your closest friends.

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