Where is the Crimea

Geographical position

Geographically, the Crimean peninsula is located in the south of Ukraine, deeply protruding into the Black Sea, which washes it from the west and from the south. From the east, this unique in its mild climate is washed by the Sea of ​​Azov. From the north, a narrow strip of land only up to eight kilometers wide - the Perekop Isthmus - connects the peninsula with the mainland. The area of ​​the peninsula is about 26860 square kilometers. At the same time, 20 percent of the territory is occupied by mountains, 8 percent - by mountains and rivers. The length of the coastline - more than a thousand kilometers! It is not surprising that it was in the Crimea that there were so many favorite resort areas. Here and Feodosia and Koktebel, famous for their history, and noisy elegant Yalta, and quiet Gurzuf, and many smaller towns and villages, where lovers of more secluded places can relax. In addition to the beach holiday itself, Crimea can offer tourists a large number of excursions to historical sites, as well as fascinating tours in the mountains.
By the way, in addition to the two seas washing it, on the territory of Crimea there is its own unique “Dead Sea” - Sivash Bay, or the so-called “Rotten Sea”. The level of its salinity, of course, cannot be compared with the salinity of the present Dead Sea, but it is much higher than that of ordinary sea water. The nature and ecology of this corner of the Crimea is absolutely unique. True, the “rotten” Sivash is not called in vain - a strongly concentrated mineral solution, which is the Sivash water, exudes a sharp unpleasant odor.
Relax in the Crimea can be much more budget than in the resorts of the Russian Black Sea coast. The climate on the southern coast of Crimea is sub-Mediterranean. In the summer it is dry and hot here.

How to get there

From Russia to the Crimea are numerous bus and rail flights. Both can pass through the Perekop isthmus (from the north) - this is a completely overland route; or from the east - through the Kerch Strait - by ferry.
An international airport is located in Simferopol, so if you wish, you can get to the Crimea by air.
According to the signed international agreements, a bridge should be built across the Kerch Strait, which will connect Crimea with the Russian Krasnodar Territory.However, while the completion of the construction of such a bridge is a matter of an uncertain future.

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