Where does hair come from for hair extensions?

There is a mass of "horror stories" about the origin of this hair. The most common claims are that hair is taken from female prisoners, from patients in psychiatric hospitals, or even from morgues. If the first two versions have the right to exist, then the latter does not hold water.

Where do you actually take hair for extensions

In fact, in the overwhelming majority of cases, hair is purchased from their owners on a voluntary basis. For example, in many Eastern European and Asian countries, a significant proportion of people live below the poverty line. Often, long beautiful hair is the only worthwhile decoration for girls and the only way to bring a little money to the family. These girls often enter into quite formal contracts with companies that are engaged in such a business, pledging to keep their hair in good condition.
When the hair of these girls reach the agreed length, they shave their heads, give the hair to the representatives of the company and begin to grow their hair again.Of course, with an average hair growth rate of twelve to seventeen centimeters per year, it is not possible to donate them more often than once every few years, but even such financial assistance is provided to many Eastern European and Asian families very significant.In order not to damage your hair, correction of the extended strands should be carried out once every two or two and a half months.

Fake "European" hair

It should be noted that not all countries get their hair for money. For example, in India there are a number of organizations that accept women's hair as a gift, without giving their owners anything in return. By the way, it is the hair of the women of Northern India that is most often issued as European, since in structure they are very similar to them. Hair from this part of the world goes to Italy, where they undergo coloring and other processing, after which they are sold for big money as “European”.There are three ways of hair extensions - cold, tape and hot. The coldest is considered the safest and cheapest, the fastest - the tape one.
The Slavic hair is highly valued on the market for hair extensions; they come from the republics of the former USSR.For example, Moldova, Belarus, Ukraine. Such hair is most often light, easy to color and can be used several times. It is these strands that are most often used in salons in Russia, since they are best suited for the structure of Russian women.

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