Where can I spend the perfect honeymoon?

As well, that recently in our countries, the tradition of the honeymoon has become popular, the newlyweds are actively going on vacation after a stormy wedding. And this is absolutely true and normal, because the honeymoon is a wonderful and romantic continuation of the wedding, which is accompanied by serenity and a special atmosphere in which the newlyweds can finally find harmony.

Just imagine, for at least a week, you can forget about all the problems and difficulties, escape from the familiar world, moving into a fairy tale that will be written only for you two.

The most important question that arises when planning a holiday, and where you can spend a honeymoon, to get real pleasure that will please both of you?

Getting an answer to this question is not so easy, you have to shovel a lot of information and literature before you can come to at least some adequate solution.

After all, now there are a large number of places where you can spend the perfect honeymoon, though not everyone will like you, which is why you need to take this issue very seriously. And, of course, everything depends on the monetary component, because the prices for resorts are now considerable, and, as you know, the budget for a young family is just starting to form, so they need to manage with the mind.

In order for the trip to be exactly successful, first of all the newlyweds must decide together what they would most like, and only then start from this when choosing a country. Another fair question: where to spend your honeymoon cheaply after the wedding?

Unfortunately, we mostly live according to needs, not according to desires, but can you visit the place you have dreamed of all your life at least once in your life? Prices of popular resorts, of course, vary, but you can always choose an independent way without buying group tours, then the entire trip will cost you at least 1.5-2 times cheaper.

Briefly about the main

  • If you are full of strength and energy, inquisitive and active, then you can approach Europe tours, where you can visit many cities that are famous for the diversity of architecture and landscapes, a large number of famous museums and cafes.Such a vacation is not easy, most likely, you will have to constantly move on buses, not lingering for a long time in any country, but if you dreamed about this, then honeymoon on wheels for you.
  • Fans of romance can enjoy the relatively quiet tours in Europe, for example, the newlyweds love to visit France and Prague. What to hide, Paris has long been considered the city of lovers, only there you can plunge into a special atmosphere of carelessness and romance. Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysees, streets, restaurants and cafes full of flowers, romantic French music and amazing dishes that will kindle the flame of your love and passion even more.
  • Fans of the sea, the sun, the exotic and the paradise can enjoy a honeymoon in exotic countries where you can be alone with your loved one on remote islands: Maldives, Hawaii, Seychelles or Fiji, the choice is yours. You can enjoy the beauty of the unusual nature not on the azure coast of the endless beaches: palm trees, flowers and plants, cozy bungalows that can be located right on the beach. For supporters of a comfortable stay, there are modern hotels,which are equipped with everything necessary for a perfect holiday: swimming pools, beauty salons, entertainment complexes and gymnasiums.
  • Fans of colorful landscapes, safaris and clear lakes should opt for a trip to New Zealand or South Africa. There you can spend an extremely fun honeymoon. Well, those who do not mind lying around all day in the sun, sip a cocktail and bathe in the sea, travel to sunny Turkey.

Well, in general outlined the desire? And now let's try to figure out specifically where you can spend your honeymoon for the benefit of your young family.

In Europe

If you still decide to spend a honeymoon in Europe, then let's talk about the most popular cities that are most visited by young couples after the wedding. The first thing we are talking about is, of course, Paris.

A surprisingly romantic place where crowds of tourists from all over the world come. You can book a group tour in which you will walk in a bunch of tourists, there will not be much free will, however, there will be at least a lot of trouble - you will be settled, everyone will be told and taken to famous places and museums. If you want to save money, as well as to be left to yourself, then you can decide on an independent trip organization.

To do this, first of all you need to order tickets, which can be purchased on the Internet, without leaving home. Then deal with housing, in Paris, a huge number of places that are focused on a different wallet. There are three types of housing: hostels, apartments and hotels.

The cheapest option is a hostel, apartments are usually suitable for those who are going to stay in Paris for no less than a week, but hotels always offer a huge selection from the most modest rooms to luxurious five-star hotels where Charlie once lived or stayed at Coco Chanel Chaplin.

As for the places that I would like to visit, it is, of course, the Eiffel Tower, the Church of Saint-Chapelle, the Cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris, the city-monument of Versailles, the Arc de Triomphe, Montmartre, and a huge number of museums: the Louvre, the Bourse and Temple, the Luxembourg Garden, the National Museum of the Middle Ages and many others. All this can be viewed on an electronic map, plan a route and distribute the days when it is possible to visit.

In exotic countries


It is difficult to say where it is better to spend the honeymoon, because to each his own, such as Thailand,is a very common resort among newlyweds, because this country is still so rich in undeveloped and secluded corners, where you can retire during a romantic trip.

Very successful is the route that begins in Southeast Asia, then you can visit the lost city of Angor Wat, which is located in Cambodia, linger a day in Bangkok to appreciate the beauty of the Royal Palace, and then go to relax on the snow-white beaches of the islands of Thailand.

New Zealand

All activists, those who want to turn their romantic trip into an unforgettable trip, will approach the trip to New Zealand. This includes Switzerland, Scandinavia, Ireland, Canada and the UK, you can plunge into the beauty of tropical forests, enjoy the wide beaches, appreciate the richness of the local flora and fauna, you can visit the mountain glaciers and fjords.

As for living, it is better to turn to the services of stylized rural houses, which are equipped with the latest innovations and needs.


Villas in the Iberian style, small taverns, peaceful towns of this province will not leave you indifferent,and when you get to the coast you will appreciate some of the best beaches in the world, where you can spend truly unforgettable moments of happiness with your spouse.

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