When will include heating in Saratov in 2015

The inclusion of heating in 2015 in Saratov is scheduled around October. The laws of the Russian Federation prescribe that heating systems are required to provide heating to multi-apartment, medical, educational and administrative buildings, as the street temperature in Saratov will drop and will not rise five days above 8 degrees Celsius.

Preparations for the heating season

Preparation of Saratov for the winter season 2015-2016

When should give heating in Saratov in 2015 is a very difficult and unknown question. The approximate time of switching on the heating is expected in the middle of October, since everything will depend on weather conditions. The city has a lot of damage on centralized networks, which postpone the date of switching on the heating in all residential premises.

When the heating in Saratov is turned on, even Andrei Khalov, who is the deputy for housing and utilities, is difficult to answer this question. All terms for the supply of heat expire on November 1, and repair and preparatory work in the city is progressing very slowly and not with great progress.People will not feel the warmth in their homes soon, as only 86% of the multi-apartment buildings are ready for heating.

It was decided to create a special headquarters, which will conduct all the work of preparing for the winter season, and will be able to specifically and precisely tell when heating will be given in Saratov. The head of this headquarters was the very responsible and experienced Dmitry Fedotov, who is the head of the administration on all economic issues. Tariffs will increase, but receipts for payment promise to remain unchanged.

Start of boiler rooms

What determines the timing of the inclusion of heating?

A number of circumstances affect the date of heat connection in Saratov, and the main ones are:

  • allocation by the administration of funds for the inclusion of heating systems;
  • timely preparation of all components of the heating system;
  • on-time repair and maintenance work.

The city administration in 2015 provided the Saratov with everything necessary for repair and maintenance of heating systems.

Now 78% of consumer buildings have been prepared for the inclusion of heating. Repair and maintenance work is carried out in a timely manner.

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