When can I take the child to the bath

In Russia, visiting a bath with mothers with babies was primarily considered an everyday affair, with many giving birth in this room, since there were (for that time) the best conditions for it. If the baby was healthy, then they took him to the bathhouse from two weeks of age. Now you can take children to the bath from the age of three. However, be sure to consult your doctor. The bath is contraindicated for people who have some chronic lung, bronchus, heart disease. Well, if your baby is actually healthy, then a steam room for him is one of the best methods of hardening. In addition, when a person visits a steam room, his body is affected by contrasting temperatures of water and air. If you are afraid to take the child to the bath, you need to remember some of the features of being in it. So, you can take the child to the bath, when he happily washes, swims with pleasure in the bath. You can take your child with you if you combine dousing with air baths.If the baby reacts well to such a contrast, is not naughty in the process of undressing, dressing, the child is cheerful and completely healthy - you can take him to the bath without any problems. If you are familiar with the Russian bath only by hearsay, but you want to “teach” your baby to it, first walk into the steam room yourself, without a child. Of course, it is desirable to begin on the recommendations of knowledgeable people, who should acquaint you with the bath culture. When regular visits to the bath will become a good habit, you can begin to take with the child. The best option is to go to the bath at least once a week. In order to avoid children's whims, with all your behavior, show your child that the Russian bath is very good. If you are going to a public bath, then it is recommended to go with the baby to the mother. Since the support of the mother means a lot to the child.

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