What is the best wallpaper for your bedroom?

A bedroom is a room in which a person spends most of his time. It is here that we sleep, enjoy evening or night conversations with a loved one, and do not press sutra on a weekend. And that is why the choice of wallpaper in the bedroom should be approached responsibly.


What are the wallpapers?

First, we list the main types of wallpaper, their advantages and disadvantages:

  • Paper wallpaper - the most affordable. Previously, they were the most common and almost the only ones available for sale. Paper-based wallpapers are eco-friendly and absolutely safe, but are among the most short-lived and impractical. They quickly get dirty, fade under the influence of sunlight, and also absorb any odors.
  • Vinyl wallpaper - one of the most practical. They almost do not get dirty, and if they are exposed to dirt, they are easily and quickly cleaned with a damp cloth or brush. It is worth noting a variety of textures and colors. But for the bedroom this option is not suitable, since vinyl is not considered the most harmless material.
  • Non-woven wallpaper are made from a special cellulosic material, in its characteristics and properties reminiscent of ordinary paper. Such wallpaper is more durable and durable than paper, and at the same time more environmentally friendly and safe than vinyl. A good option for the bedroom.
  • Fabric (textile) wallpaper. Their top layer is made of fabric, and the base can be paper, synthetic or also fabric. For the bedroom, this option is fine, it will make the walls interesting and cozy.
  • Natural wallpaper, of course, are the most environmentally friendly, but at the same time the most expensive. They can be made from cane, jute, grapevine or bamboo. These materials are durable and natural.
  • Liquid wallpaper - a novelty in the world of finishing materials. It is a kind of dry mixture, which is diluted with water (or special solutions) and applied to the wall as a putty.
  • Fiberglass made of fiberglass. They can withstand the highest humidity, but for the bedroom are not the best option.

Color spectrum


How to choose a wallpaper for the bedroom? It is extremely important to determine the color range.Immediately it is worth noting that no screaming, aggressive and "acidic" tones in the room in which you every day plunge into the arms of Morpheus, should not be. In a too bright room, you just can not sleep. Soft pastel colors or noble shades are preferred.

We offer several colors, their characteristics and influence on the occupants of the room:

  • Green is the color of inner harmony and tranquility. It is recommended to people whose professions are related to mental work. Green wallpaper will distract from superfluous thoughts, will adjust on a relaxation and will put in order thoughts.
  • Blue not only relaxes, but also adjusts to a positive way, will give hope and faith in the best. A great option for pessimists.
  • Shades of brown will warm the soul and give warmth to the home. But still too much brown should not be, it should be diluted, for example, beige.
  • Beige and gray are neutral tones. Beige - warmer, and gray - a little cool.
  • For the bedroom walls is suitable and soft and romantic pink, but the man in such a room will feel a bit uncomfortable.
  • Yellow wallpaper will give a charge of vivacity and help in the morning to wake up in a good mood.But this positive and sunny color should not be too bright, otherwise it will be difficult for you to fall asleep.
  • Violet stimulates brain activity, so it can interfere with sleep. But a soft lilac or lavender will help to order thoughts.
  • Red is the color of passion and love. But the abundance of scarlet tones can make the occupant of the room aggressive.
  • Surprisingly, black and white wallpaper will make the bedroom interesting and fresh and at the same time soothe its inhabitants. But white color should prevail.
  • Peach - calm and romantic color.

And a few tips on color matching:

  1. If you can not decide, combine colors. The most harmonious and successful tandems: brown and beige, yellow and green, lilac and pink, blue and beige. You can combine shades of the same color or contrasting colors.
  2. You can dwell on neutral and soothing shades such as gray, beige, milky, diluting them with brighter tones.
  3. If the room is well lit and is on the sunny side, then choose colder tones to balance the riot of color (blue, lilac, gray). If the room seems cold, then warm colors will help to warm it: peach, sand, yellow.

Design solutions

In the form of a zebra

The design of the wallpaper is also important, because it will set the style of the entire room. Today both monophonic wall-paper, and with patterns and prints are actual. Several relevant, interesting and suitable options for the bedroom:

  • Geometric patterns are considered neutral and more stringent. By the way, horizontal drawings (for example, stripes) are suitable for a small room and make it more spacious, and vertical patterns will help to visually lift the ceilings.
  • Floral prints are romantic and tender.
  • Original wallpaper will look. On the wall you can place, for example, a seascape, which will delight you in the morning and remind you of a warm summer.
  • Abstract patterns will fit into the bedroom of creative people.
  • Vegetable prints are also relevant and interesting.

If you can not choose one thing and find a compromise with your second half, then choose the combined wallpaper. Let one part of the room be gentle-romantic, and the other - strict and restrained.

Do not forget about the invoices. Matt surfaces are ideal for a bedroom; gloss can make a room cold and uncomfortable.

Pay particular attention to the choice of wallpaper, so that the bedroom becomes cozy and romantic.

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