What to wear to men this summer

Opposites attract

In the men's fashion, the same principle of stylization works as in the women's one: if you want to create a simple but at the same time interesting image, combine things from different styles in it in contrast. As an example, we took the "lazy" pants made of cotton, a shirt with a costume strip and a watch on a metal bracelet.

What to wear to men this summer

Zara jogging pants (1 999 rub.)Uniqlo shirt (1 999 rub.)Okami watch on a metal bracelet (order)Ecco sneakers (7 490 rub.)

Gray is not equally boring.

The most noble color in which any clothes look expensive? For women's fashion it is beige and white, and for men it is ashy gray. Attention, not to be confused with the "grandfather" in dark gray and asphalt black. Perfect gray in a man's fashion is similar to the color of chinchilla fur and is more likely to white than to black. Similarly, accessories that make the image even more expensive should be white, silver or gold.

What to wear to men this summer

Polo Ralph Lauren Jumper (6 825 rub.)Okami watch (order)Billionaire Boys Club shorts (4 300 rub. on a discount)Burberry Sneakers (€ 350)

Pastel as a man

Our men with colors do not really like to experiment, so giving them pink shirts and turquoise ties is very careful.Starting to go beyond the typical male color range can be starting with neutral, but still not such beaten shades. Offer him for the summer pastel yellow and mint - both are combined well with gray and blue colors and do not “threaten” masculinity.

What to wear to men this summer

Sweatshirt Topman (£ 22)Okami watch on a metal bracelet (order)Burberry pants (€ 245)sneakers New Balance (9 900 rub.)

On sport

Sports style is literally the "engine" of men's fashion. Innovations and trends penetrate the men's wardrobe through sport. Therefore, “hooked up” on a sporty style is useful not only for health and the nervous system, but also for your own image.

What to wear to men this summer

Backpack Ostin (999 rub. On a discount)Okami watches on a textile strap (order)Quiksilver sneakers (4 990 rub.)Park Zara (5 999 rub.)

A good "bad boy"

Women's magazines always curse men's t-shirts and sleeveless T-shirts. But something tells us that it's not about the thing itself, but about the male figure. If the biceps, triceps are present and the charm of James Dean is the place to be, then you can do without the sleeves, but at the same time pick up a little city tan on his shoulders.

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