What to wear on open-air: 20 stylish ideas

The season of summer open-air festivals is coming. It remains to choose a suitable outfit for them.
Open air
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Open-Eyry - perhaps the most democratic of all existing events. The season will open on June 2–3, which, by the way, this year marks the 15th anniversary, there will be several scenes with music, as well as the ART Svoboda playground with performances and real theatrical performances, as well as an interesting market, tasty food court, children's playground for little guests.

The main rule of the dress code here is this: no rules! On the other hand, an evening dress here will obviously look inappropriate. And what will make you a star of the festival? Wday.ru has chosen the main trends that will make it look bright and feel comfortable.

DenimThis is the most current option, especially denim clothing is now at the height of fashion. Mini-shorts, ripped jeans, shirts, tops, jackets - any denim thing will fit perfectly into the style and rock festival, and beach party.

Boho and hippie chic style.Ethnic prints, floral patterns, fringe, loose tunics, embroidered tops - all this will look very organic at a festival in nature. And besides, in such clothes it will definitely be convenient. About fashionable things in the style of boho can be read here.

Open air
It is important to choose not only a good outfit, but also comfortable shoes.
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Mini-sundresses.Sporty light dresses, resembling long T-shirts, or laconic flying models on thin straps - any option is appropriate for open airs. It is better to choose an original print or a bright shade. By the way, white things on open-airs are contraindicated. Most likely, they will get dirty in the first hour. And at parties it is necessary to have fun, and not to worry about inadvertently not getting dusty.

Multi-layered.Light jeans, original ponchos, trendy windbreakers - all this will help not only to create a fashionable bow, but not to freeze in the evening, or if the weather suddenly deteriorates.

Wide-brimmed hats.First, this is again referring to the hippie style. Secondly, a hat can be a bright accessory. And finally, it will protect you from the sun. And on a sunny summer day, oh, how important it is. However, depending on the mood, you can pick up another headdress. For example, a baseball cap with an unusual inscription or even a colored turban.

Waist bags.This trend in the last Fashion Week “walking” every second model. And we are at hand. Such a handbag is ideal for the festival: it will just include a wallet, favorite lipstick, wet wipes and a smartphone. And hands at the same time remain free. If this trend from the 90s you absolutely do not like, choose a small backpack or a small bag over your shoulder - for the same quite utilitarian reasons.

Summer sneakers.Anyone who styled sneakers and sneakers in combination even with evening toilets, you need to erect a monument. This will tell any girl who spent at least one day on heels. Lightweight sneakers are the perfect choice for any festival. If the day turned out to be quite hot, you can wear sandals with straps. The main thing is not to choose shoes like flip-flops or mules, which can fall off your feet in any movement. Correcting them with every step in nature is a dubious pleasure.

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