What if you have an Allegria on your eyebrows?

Change the color of the eyebrows, their shape and visual density today is available to every girl. In some cases, tattooing is performed - long-term make-up, designed to keep the bend and color day and night, and sometimes - staining. However, it should be remembered that the body's reaction to the coloring matter can be unpredictable, as a result of which an allergy develops.

Why do allergic conditions occur?

Often, signs of redness on the eyebrows occur in those who have already experienced various changes in the skin after chemical substances - redness, peeling or rashes. Sometimes symptoms may occur after repeated manipulations. The causes of the reaction are as follows:

  • high sensitivity of skin cells to the components in the composition;
  • low quality of the used dyeing agents (paint or henna).

The disease manifests itself in redness, severe itching, hyperemia, as well as swelling, lachrymation and flaking.In very rare cases, an allergy to paint appears so intense that emergency medical care is needed - this can occur when Quincke's edema develops.

How to help?

If symptoms began to appear during the procedure, the composition should be washed off immediately. It is recommended to visit a dermatologist, who will prescribe a drug treatment - antihistamines (for example, Tavegil or Suprastin). Irritated skin can be soothed with chamomile extract, and from ointments you can use Bepanten or Advantan.

If signs of suffocation are increasing, it is necessary to immediately consult a doctor, since such a condition threatens the patient's life. The disorder can be prevented if an allergic test is performed on the skin behind the ear the day before the stain.

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