What if the husband does not want to work?

Lack of work for the spouse and regular stay in the walls of the house are common causes of discord in the family, invariably leading to divorce. In this situation, the wife is in an unenviable position; she has to not only take care of the children, cook food, clean up the apartment and wash dirty things, but also support the family. In some love unions, a shift in responsibilities occurs, but similar circumstances suit both spouses.

What if the husband does not want to work?

In marriages, where everything falls on the fragile female shoulders, discord is sure to appear after a short period of time. The fiance chooses urgent questions: What to do if the husband does not want to work? How to change the worldview of a spouse? What ways can affect a husband? Where is the cause of this behavior hidden?

A woman who has a long relationship with a man has the right to establish certain obligations and rules in the family. The guy should not only pay attention to his wife, but also support his family, strive to improve living conditions, improve his own skills and so on.


Prerequisites for evading men from work

To solve a problem by changing the usual course of events, it is important to correctly diagnose the causes affecting the behavior of a man:

  • The partner considers himself a genius who is not recognized by society. To work on normal work that involves physical activity is a matter of people deprived of intelligence, and he was born to perform acts of world scale. Only the case to show their own skills and talents of the guy does not appear for a long period of time.
  • The man belongs to the category of lazy people, in whom the thought of work causes only disgust. A favorite occupation of such a character is to enjoy life, spending everyday on a sofa or in a circle of friends who share his interests and hobbies. The guy's worldview has slowly evolved over a long time, so it’s impossible to change the foundations of a chosen one overnight even with a professional psychologist.
  • Having lost his job or his own business, the partner feels insecure, which prevents him from getting a high-paying job. Problems with the chosen one and the lack of funds for the maintenance of the family are of little interest to the man, because he is in a depressed state.
  • The guy can not find a job that matches his skills and knowledge, which he received in the relevant educational institution. The lack of demand in the labor market and the unstable economic situation in the country are the main reasons why the specialty of men has ceased to be in demand among employers.

What if the husband does not want to work?

No need to wait for the moment when love leaves. If the relationship is exhausted, then do not ask yourself to change a man. In the opposite case, believe in a positive outcome of events, applying for this maximum effort.

In men, at the genetic level, there is a concern for loved ones, therefore family maintenance and help to parents are generally accepted phenomena recognized by the social system.

Classification of parasites and lazy people

After reviewing the prerequisites that directly affect the worldview of the spouse, you still can not get a man to go to work. The reason may be hidden in the complex of personal qualities of the elect. Traditionally, the types of guys who do not want to work are classified into the following categories:

Weak-minded men who are accustomed to dominating the family of a woman.Such a format of relations is formed in the mind of a guy for a long time, so he sincerely considers such a model of communication as the norm.

  • "Narcissus".

Elected with high self-esteem, which affects the attitude towards the male employers and colleagues. These guys do not get along in the team, they are fired without explanation. Only the result remains unchanged: the environment is responsible for the events that have occurred, and not the man.

  • "Misanthrope".

Such guys have developed apathy towards people since childhood, so he does not seek to communicate with strangers, going over to elevated tones and insults. In the XXI century, where the engine of commerce becomes the ability to convince an interested client of the relevance of the acquisition, such a man is extremely difficult to find a job. The work experience of the guy ends on the first day at a new place, during which he invariably quarrels with the customer who has contacted the company.

Affected men who are struggling to get laid off from their last job. If you live with a spouse who has similar traits, then difficulties in finding work will regularly accompany you throughout your life together.What if the husband does not want to work?

  • "Gigolo".

Meet a similar kind of guys can only provided to women who are able to contain not only their own person, but also a young husband. The spouse prefers not to spend money on his wife, but on the contrary - he is looking for a reason to replenish personal savings using the “wallet” of a wealthy chosen one.

  • "Kopusha."

Such men regularly promise their wife that they will come to work tomorrow. However, once again, the future chief refuses to be employed, guided by the applicant’s lack of sufficient desire. The guy is constantly in search of a new position, which must always meet the needs of a representative of a strong half of humanity.

  • "Unlucky man."

Among the variety of lazy people and parasites there is a category of men who simply have no luck. Due to the ridiculous combination of circumstances, they are unable to find a highly paid job. Guys regularly attend interviews, proving the boss's own consistency, but once again, luck turns to the applicant's back.

What if the husband does not want to work?

Solutions to an established problem

Only after a thorough study of the issue can one begin to search for solutions to the established problem, guided by the following recommendations:

  • Find time and a place for a serious conversation with your husband, during which he must understand the extent of your intentions. If the wife, unsatisfied with the course of events, does not inform her spouse about her own way of seeing the situation, then the marriage will not be saved. A man must recognize this truth in order to project possible risks.
  • Support your husband in his endeavors by providing moral assistance and extending a hand to the chosen one. If the problem is solely in the uncertainty and indecision of the spouse, then help him re-discover the delights of self-sufficiency. In rare cases, it is recommended to take up a job search instead of a husband, sending a resume of the beloved to the email addresses of enterprises. When the company’s management is interested in a man’s candidacy, let him know about this vacancy - let this victory be his first step on the road to success.
  • Together, visit a practicing psychologist who will contact your chosen one to find out the true reasons for not wanting to work. Having diagnosed the spouse, the professional will help you to find a way out of the situation, appointing additional sessions or immediately offering various solutions to the problem.
  • Leave family life unchanged, not interested in the earnings of men.Spend money exclusively for your own needs, providing children and buying food at home. The spouse's ego will not allow him to enjoy food intended for the child, while other needs (leisure, hobbies, etc.) will force him to go in search of work.
  • Give the husband an ultimatum - either he goes to work and has a family, or he moves to another apartment, self-sufficiently meeting his own needs. After a serious conversation, give your spouse a short amount of time for reflection. Be prepared for different variants of the development of events - it is possible that the man decides to leave the family.

What if the husband does not want to work?

In choosing a method it is important to remember that it is only necessary to inspire a man with the help of weighty motivating factors - study of a child, treatment of a spouse or help to parents.

In this situation, the girl should clearly define for herself - she wants to revive fading feelings, or take advantage of a weighty argument, parting with a lazy elect

The result of the work of the psychologist and the efforts of his wife becomes an employed spouse who has an interest in life.

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