What to do if the cat scratched

Favorite and appealing cat can sometimes scratch so that the remaining scars you will remember this game all my life. Especially scary, if the place of cat scratches is inflamed and itchy.

Measures of prevention and disinfection with cat scratches:

- the first and simplest precautionary measure is to wash the wound with water, you can even use an ordinary tap;

- if the results of the game with the animals turned out to be deep enough, you need to treat them with disinfectant solutions, for this purpose, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol-based products will work fine

- not deep scratches must be lubricated with wound-healing agent and carry out this procedure for several days in a row;

- a few days you need to carefully monitor the state of scratches, as a rule, the changes will already be clear for 3-4 days.

If inflammation does not fade, you must go to the hospital.

If the redness subsided, scratches healed with a crust, then it is enough to continue to lubricate them with wound healing remedy.

By neglecting primitive preventive measures, you risk becoming infected with so-called cat scratch disease. The incubation period of the disease is from 5 to 30 days and can develop without showing itself.

The main signs of the disease:

- in the place of scratch bubbles form, which are filled with liquid and burst;

- the scratch area is very red;

- the lymph node nearest to the scratch increases;

- There may be an increase in temperature and general weakness.

Be attentive to your health and be careful in games with cute and fluffy cats.

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