What to build a house

Wooden house

Wood is a traditional material for construction, characterized by high environmental friendliness and aesthetics, which allows you not to spend money on finishing. Today houses are being built from logs, lumber or profiled lumber. Wood “breathes well”, has a small weight, and therefore does not require a particularly strong and expensive foundation.
The main disadvantages of a wooden house are its fire hazard, although if a fire happens in a brick or any other structure, it will also be unsuitable for living. Wood absorbs moisture well, fungi, mold, grinder beetles can start up in it. To get rid of this problem, the tree is impregnated with chemical compounds, but in this case, its environmental friendliness decreases.
Interior decoration of a wooden house can be carried out only a year after construction due to long shrinkage.

Brick house

Brick, unlike wood, fungi and beetles are not terrible, but it “breathes” no worse. Although this material cannot boast of its thermal insulation properties, it is therefore necessary to warm brick houses.But the walls are durable and resistant to fire. But the foundation for them needs a solid, well-buried. Also, brick walls require finishing.

Foam blocks

A relatively new building material, which has already begun to be actively used in construction, is foam blocks - blocks of cellular concrete, in the voids of which contains gas. They are very large - seventeen times more bricks, which greatly facilitates laying, such a house can be built several times faster than a brick or wooden one. The insulating properties of foam blocks are much higher and cost less compared to bricks. And the design is easy, does not require an expensive foundation.
But this material has some disadvantages: for example, gas silicate blocks absorb moisture and can crack, and foam concrete does not like sudden temperature changes.

Prefab houses

The technology of frame houses has been developed for a long time, but for most Russian residents it seems new. It is based on wood and insulation: it can be foam, mineral wool, ecowool. The main advantage of building such a house is cheapness: it does not require a large consumption of materials (most heaters are inexpensive) and a solid foundation.Among its shortcomings can be called a rather fragile structure (which can be important only in seismically unstable regions or places with frequent hurricanes), the defeat of fungi and rodents, low environmental friendliness.

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