What should be a winter skirt?

Winter is not a reason to wear warm pants with hair and deny yourself the opportunity to remain attractive. At this time of year you can and even need to be beautiful. And skirts will help in this, but only correctly selected!

Should I wear a skirt in winter?

Some girls are so afraid of the cold that in the winter they only wear trousers and jeans. But in fact, if you choose the right winter skirt and combine it with tight tights (even with a fleece, if you're still afraid to freeze), then you will be quite comfortable and warm.

And if instead of a short jacket to wear a long down jacket, sheepskin coat or fur coat to the knees or below them, then the legs will be almost completely closed.

How to make a choice?

So how to choose a trendy winter skirt? What to pay attention to?

  1. The cloth. This is an important criterion, so it is worth considering in the first place. Choose a skirt of thick fabric, preferably with the addition of wool. But do not imagine a knitted product, similar to those that were once worn by our mothers and grandmothers.Today, this material allows you to make stylish, fashionable and, most importantly, very warm clothes.
  2. Length. Of course, the ideal option is the midi skirt. But, first, it goes far from everyone. For example, a girl of short stature will not look very attractive in her. Secondly, it is desirable to wear it with shoes on heels, it looks especially feminine. But you must admit, in the winter to afford such luxury is problematic, especially in icy conditions or heavy snowfalls. And, thirdly, a long skirt is not very comfortable and practical. If she closes her shoes and reaches the ground, then the hem will get dirty and wet because of the snow. And yet, if you are ready to endure all this, then you will definitely feel like a real woman! If you are not going to make such sacrifices, choose a middle ground - midi length. And there are several options, so each woman will choose something suitable. So, if your legs are not very long, then your knees should be slightly opened. If you are the owner of tall, then you are perfect skirts below the knees. And girls of average height (including the curvaceous) should pay attention to the length to the knees. But short skirts are better to postpone until summer.
  3. Style. It all depends on the features of your figure.If you want to emphasize the hips, then choose the popular and very sexy pencil model. If, on the contrary, you do not have enough volume, pay attention to such styles as “tulip” or “new look”, they will make your lower body more feminine. Straight cut will help hide flaws. A pleated skirt will make your look more youthful and mischievous, but it will fit only slim girls.
  4. Colour. In winter, it is better to give preference to dark, deep and calm tones. The constant classic is gray and black. More interesting, but at the same time chocolate will look restrained. It will create an elegant and at the same time mysterious image of blue. And if you want to refresh the appearance, then choose such shades as dark red, burgundy, purple or emerald.
  5. Prints. It is not necessary to choose only plain winter skirts. It is appropriate to model with pictures, but preferably with a calm, and leave the flashy and original for the warm season. Pay attention to the cell, the strip (remember that the horizontal expands the hips, and the vertical draws out the silhouette), geometric or floral prints.But in any case they should not be too catchy!
  6. The size. This is also worth mentioning, since many are mistaken during the fitting. A simple tip: get a skirt one size larger than yours. Firstly, in winter, many people gain weight (because during this period there are so many holidays and high-calorie meals!). Secondly, remember that you will most likely have to wear tights to wear a skirt. And you can decide to fill the belt for a sweater. So the extra few centimeters just do not interfere.

How to wear?

How to wear a skirt in the winter? There are a few rules.

Correct top

Warm skirt can be combined with a classic blouse or a shirt made of thick fabric, and with a knitted turtleneck. But such things are suitable for creating a rather restrained or even a strict image, which is important if you need to comply with the dress code. If you can fantasize and experiment, feel free to wear jumpers, sweatshirts, pullovers and so on.

It is advisable to follow the rule: if the skirt is magnificent, then the top should be restrained. If the bottom is strict and calm, then the top can be more voluminous and original.If the volume is present both at the top of the tandem and at the bottom, then do not forget to separate them, for example, tucking the jumper into the skirt belt or wearing a belt.


A beautiful winter skirt matches perfectly with leather feminine boots. Moreover, it is desirable to choose models with not very wide tops, which will emphasize the sophistication of your legs.

Especially sexy and elegant, any skirts look like shoes with heels, and winter models are no exception! But you can do without pins, replacing them with more comfortable low stable heels or wedges.

Pay attention to the height of the boots. If the skirt is long, you can choose ankle boots or shoes. If the skirt is up to the knees, then choose a model that partially covers the calf. If the skirt opens the knees, then the tops can reach them. But high boots should be combined only with short skirts, in other cases they will look ridiculous.


In winter, it is better to wear thick panty hoses, they are excellent in the cold. And the universal color is black. It is combined with any shades and slim. By the way, if you choose a skirt above the knees, then over thin stockings (if you still dare to choose them), you can wear leggings, it looks stylish and youthful.


The skirt should be either completely closed outerwear, or almost completely open. So wear long sheepskin coats, down jackets or fur coats, in them you will definitely be warm. And in the thaw, you can wear a coat or a jacket, just covering the buttocks or just the lower back.

Now you definitely do not freeze in a skirt in the winter and will look amazing!

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