What products thin the blood?

We all studied anatomy at school, but few people remember this subject well. We know for sure that a person does not live without blood. It is a fact.

What is blood

Recall that blood consists of plasma, which is 85% water, proteins and many other components. In a healthy person, plasma reaches 50-60% of the total blood volume. The rest of the blood is:

  • white blood cells - leukocytes (protect the immune system from foreign compounds);
  • red blood cells - red blood cells (it contains hemoglobin, which provides oxygen transportation);
  • the blood platelets are platelets, which in turn are responsible for blood clotting.

If the quality of blood is violated, for example, its viscosity - then the transport characteristics of the blood also change. This means that the circulatory system does not fulfill its functions in full. In turn, such interruptions in the work of the body carry a variety of serious illnesses.

What good thins blood

Nutrition has a huge impact on the composition (quality) of blood.In order to lower blood clotting, to make it less viscous, one must constantly monitor the diet of one’s diet. Drinking fluids should be daily and sufficient, as the person himself consists of almost 80% of water.

What products thin the blood? It is those that contain a large amount of water, for example, cucumbers (by 97%). Products containing iodine increase the tone of blood vessels, and a record amount of this element, of course, in sea kale.

Blood thinning foods

Well in this aspect affects the body of olive oil. That is why the inhabitants of the Mediterranean have such a huge "help" in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Blood thinning vegetables: onions, garlic, tomato, potatoes, cabbage, chilli peppers, artichokes, beets.

What fruits thin the blood? These are lemons, oranges, grapefruits, tangerines. Foods that are red, such as pomegranate, grapes, cherries, red and black currants, as well as cranberries, plums. All these are fruits and berries, which have a high content of vitamin C.

Such delicacies, like seeds and chocolate, will also help to lower the "density" of blood.

Blood viscosity and pregnancy

Especially pregnant women should pay close attention to the quality of blood. Since not only their health depends on this, but also the life of future babies. Therefore, it is imperative to monitor fluid intake. Without fanaticism, of course, so that there is no edema.

Be sure to follow your diet. The body should regularly receive enough vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Blood thinners during pregnancy

To prevent the formation of blood clots, tomatoes can be of great help. They help to make the blood less viscous onions, garlic and cabbage, they also help lower cholesterol levels But again, we must remember that any products should be taken in moderation, especially if there are irregularities in the liver. The kidneys and intestines.

Not only for normal blood formation, but also for getting various vitamins, pregnant women should include berries in their diet. Sea buckthorn and cranberry contain many vitamins and antioxidants. That will only contribute to the health of the woman and the child.

Fruits containing vitamin C help cleanse the blood vessels, while reducing the likelihood of blood clots.

Olive and flaxseed oil is very useful, and yet they should be consumed in small quantities.

All “new” products for you should be taken only under the supervision or with the permission of the doctor.

Helps to reduce blood viscosity is not only food, but also drugs. Especially if the effect should be obtained quickly.

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