What kind of car to buy a novice driver

Beginner hard to choose the first car. The machine must be reliable and comply with safety requirements. Finding such a car is hard, especially if the budget for the purchase is limited. Therefore, in the article I will tell you which car to buy for a novice driver to a woman and a man.

Before buying a novice driver will have to identify a number of points that relate to the choice. Money plays an important role in the question; also, do not write off personal preferences and tips from motorists.

The person who obtained the driver's license, seeks to acquire a new car. Do not recommend this because of the lack of driving experience. For a beginner, the first car is a simulator and a field for experiments.

Newly-minded drivers are confused with the gear shift, clutch harness and forget to turn off the parking brake, which badly affects the work of the transmission and power plant. We can not say about the broken mirrors and bumpers scratched.

7 important points in choosing

  • New car. With proper maintenance will please the owner, not causing trouble. The owner will not have to worry about the condition and origin of the car, and problems with registration and passing technical inspection will not arise. Even a new domestic model will last a long time and help to master the subtleties of repair and maintenance.
  • Used car. If there is not enough money, look in the second-hand category. Choose carefully and carefully, since buying a used car lottery. Well, if you can buy a car from a friend or relative, who will give a discount and the pig will not slip. If you buy an ad or in the car market, be sure to find out the story and conduct a thorough inspection.
  • Foreign car or domestic model. Domestic cars can not be compared with foreign cars in terms of reliability, comfort and appearance. However, they are cheaper to maintain and there are no problems with spare parts. If you have the skills, this car is easy to repair yourself. If the soul wants comfort while driving, buy a foreign car or new Lada Vesta and Xray.
  • The size. They say that novice drivers better buy a compact car.Small dimensions compensate for the lack of experience in parking and backing. I think the statement is unfounded. To a tall or fat person a small car will only bring inconvenience. What kind of maneuverability or parking is a conversation, if you straighten up hard? The dimensions of the cabin must match the driver and ensure a comfortable ride.
  • . Manual gearbox while driving distracts an inexperienced chauffeur. It takes months to master the technology of the "blind" gear shift. Automatic transmission is designed to machines from unnecessary movements, because it shifts gears.
  • . Beginners choosing a car for themselves are advised to choose a machine gun. AKPP simplifies training. But this medal has a second side. The machine is good on new cars, and in used cars it often breaks down due to improper maintenance. Repair of the machine is a troublesome and expensive activity. Having learned to ride a car with a gun, it is difficult to get used to the mechanics.
  • engine's type. Diesel power plants are more economical than gasoline ones. A used car with a diesel engine consumes more fuel than indicated in the data sheet,and the cost of repairing the fuel system is more expensive.

If you have money - buy a budget new car with a diesel engine and automatic transmission. Proper maintenance is the key to a long service life.

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If you buy a new car does not work, I think the alternative is a used version. I recommend to buy a car for 180 thousand in good condition with the mechanics on a gasoline engine.

Professional tips for novice drivers

Each new owner of a driver's license tries to immediately get into the car and go on the first independent journey. But due to lack of experience, a novice, once on the road, faces problems.

Even if you graduated from a driving school with honors, I recommend that you read the tips to novice drivers. With their help, protect yourself and passengers from troubles.

The novice chauffeur underestimates the importance of theoretical studies, believing that a driving license eliminates compliance with theory. This is a delusion dangerous to the health of the driver and other road users.

  1. If you get a driver's license, do not rush to immediately go on a journey through the busy city streets.Practice on the country road, get acquainted with the car, get a closer look at driving skills. The trip should bring joy, not become a punishment.
  2. No one is immune from an unforeseen situation. Be sure to buy insurance. Having an accident, do not solve the problem without the participation of traffic police inspectors.
  3. At the wheel there is no time to read textbooks or synopses. Knowing perfectly well, you will feel confident even while communicating with inspectors.
  4. Learn the basic components of the machine. Knowledge will help to restore work in the event of a minor breakdown or will protect unscrupulous auto service employees from fraud.
  5. The mood of the driver is transferred to the car. Behind the wheel, keep confidence, calm, concentration, making meaningful and verified movements. At first, difficulties may arise, but with experience this will pass. After gaining control of the car, do not be tempted to drive. Remember the side mirrors that are needed not only when maneuvering.
  6. On a city road full of traffic, sometimes you need to change lanes or turn around.These maneuvers seem simple, but in reality their execution in the stream requires patience. Believe me, it's better to wait and skip another car than to be in the hospital for weeks after an ill-considered maneuver.
  7. Other cars are driven by people too, there is nothing shameful about releasing cars from a secondary road or passing pedestrians at the crossing. If you make a mistake, express remorse. Respecting others, make you respect yourself.
  8. Unbearable pedestrians wait at any turn. Not every railway crossing is equipped with traffic lights. Therefore, try to turn and overcome the rails without changing gear.
  9. Driving on the road, do not be distracted by the sides. Leave the track without attention for a moment, and a pedestrian or pothole will immediately appear on the way. What to say about abruptly stopped cars.
  10. If you have to overcome a small distance, get behind the wheel in comfortable shoes. To drive a car when a shoe or heel clings to the adjacent pedal is difficult.
  11. In the back of any car there are brake lights designed for you. If the vehicle in front is still far away and the signals light up, slow down a little.
  12. Caught in a difficult situation, ask for help from other road users. Treat ridicule calmly. Experienced chauffeurs feel so new. It does not matter what caused them, please help in replacing the wheel or in the parking lot.
  13. Movement on the track resembles a game of chess. Ponder all maneuvers in advance, signaling them with turn signals. I do not advise you to drastically change intentions when maneuvering, since even an experienced driver may not immediately unravel the reason for the sudden change of movement or jerking.
  14. Park the car so that you can drive out without any problems. Some leave the car as close as possible to the workplace and get into a situation when the car left on the free site becomes blocked by other transport.
  15. If the car is trapped in the parking lot, do not panic. The owner, who blocked the way of the car, call by activating the alarm. Knock the tires lightly for this.
  16. In placing the warning sign "!" On the windshield there is nothing shameful. With its help, you warn other drivers so that they closely monitor your maneuvers.
  17. The last tip. Do not forget about the concentration - the road does not forgive mistakes, no matter who drives a car, an experienced driver, a novice or a self-confident hopper.

I hope, advice to the beginning driver will protect from unpleasant situations. These rules are not a panacea, but sticking to them will not hurt.

How to clean and wash the car

A clean, sparkling car pleases the look of the owner and those around him. But it's enough to drive a few kilometers, and there's no trace of the shine. Dirt and dust do their job perfectly. I think you understand that the final part of the article is devoted to car care.

I recommend using a non-contact sink to avoid scratches and damage to the paintwork. After washing, dust accumulates on the surface of the body. Using a dry rag for wiping, spoil the enamel, as the settled particles will leave scratches. Wet rags will help to avoid such a fate. Behind the plastic panels with which the interior is trimmed, look after using wet wipes.

Do not overload the machine. The average sedan can carry up to 3 centners. If you are going to carry weights, distribute them around the cabin, so that the load on the body is uniform. Slightly increasing the pressure in the tires, protect the wheels from damage on a bad road.

Do not block the roof of the car.I do not advise you to fix a load there that did not fit in the salon. Even if there is a trunk on the roof, place no more than fifty kilograms there.

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Try to leave less valuable things in the car. Values ​​in the cabin - the cause of damage to doors, locks and glass. Malefactors actively hunt for mobile phones, handbags, the radio tape recorders left by the owner without supervision.

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Observing the rules, keep the car in good condition for a long time. This concludes the article.

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