What is useful exercise buttock bridge?

Strong and elastic buttocks can boast a few representatives of the fair sex, but everyone understands well what a great advantage are those who by nature or as a result of hard work they got. A vivid example of the attractiveness and success of the "tucked up" priests is Jennifer Lopez, who with age does not lose popularity not only due to her creative activity, but also immaculate athletic form.

With excellent buttocks, you can safely put on bikinis or jeans, without doubting the ideality of the appearance. But they have another advantage - strong gluteal muscles are important in sports, helping to prevent injuries. And to strengthen them will help simple and effective exercise ”buttock bridge”.

The essence and methods

Exercise is focused, because it works well a certain group of muscles. The result of introducing it into the training process will be strong gluteal muscles and thigh biceps.Usually the exercise is performed by girls for stretching and toning, but it is also relevant for men.

It is recommended to make the bridge to everyone who is involved in “sedentary” work to tone up the lower dorsal part and normalize blood circulation in the pelvic and hip areas. The classic version is not complicated and does not imply additional loads, so it is well suited for anyone who starts to bring themselves into shape.

There are ways to complicate the pelvic rises with the help of aids, to increase the effectiveness of classes, in the form of:

  • exercises with pancake as a load;
  • rise from the bench;
  • using one leg for support;
  • options with a barbell.

Successful training involves the execution of all exercises in three approaches.

Main advantages

The main reasons for the introduction of the bridge in the daily process of training include the following:

  1. Exercise helps to reduce pain in the back and knees, which affects a large part of the population due to a decrease in motor activity. Neglect of the health and condition of the gluteal muscles and hamstrings, leads to the dominance of any muscle over the other, which is fraught with not only pain, but also injury.And after all, the quadriceps muscle of the hip is given control and more work during training and daily activities. The buttock bridge allows you to achieve a balance of loads on all types of muscles, so it is very useful to everyone who is concerned about the back and legs.
  2. The bridge leads to better results in sports, because it improves physical abilities when performing many movements. Strong buttocks are important for fast running, jumping, active movement on the field or playground and other sports activities.
  3. With strong, elastic and rounded buttocks, there is no problem with the choice of wardrobe, as any thing they look stylish and elegant. Moreover, the exercise with the load allows you to achieve the best result, which should be taken into account by everyone who wants to dress in tight-fitting silhouettes.
  4. As an added bonus to the perfect buttocks will be a strong abdominal muscles. During the exercise, they are also involved, so "at the same time" you can strengthen the press, remove excess fat in the problem area and even edit the shape of the waist.
  5. Exercise improves posture due to the tension of the gluteus muscles and straightening of the dorsal, helping to maintain an upright position while standing or sitting for a long time.Together with the strong abdominal muscles, they have an effective effect on the formation of correct posture.

Step-by-step training

Technique of the buttock bridge is simple and fully consistent with the essence of the name. So, how to do the exercise correctly in order to use power rationally and succeed?

  1. The first step is to take the starting position. To do this, lay a mat on the floor, lie on your back and bend your knees shoulder-width apart, resting your feet well on the floor. The position of the hands is on the stomach or along the body.
  2. The second step is the pelvic lift itself. It is necessary to inhale and lift the hips, squeezing the buttocks. This creates a straight line of the body from the shoulder area to the knees. When you reach the top point should stay at the expense of one or two. Then squeeze the buttocks even more, exhale and return to the starting position.
  3. Repeat the task in the right amount.

Possible variability

Consider ways to increase the load when performing exercises that are used after the classic version and help to achieve the best results in strengthening the muscles.

  1. A variation on one leg is performed on twenty lifts on each leg.It is necessary to take a starting position, then lean the knee of one leg against the chest and fix. The second leg is the reference. It is necessary to reach the highest point of lifting the hips and hold for a couple of seconds in this position, slowly returning to the PI.
  2. Exercise with weight is performed as a classic, with additional weight located on the hips and holding hands. It is recommended to raise the hips as high as possible and do the lifting at least ten times.
  3. The bridge using the bench is similar in technique to the first embodiment, because the support is made on one leg with the second fixed on the chest. The support leg is placed on the bench, not on the floor. The movement must be repeated ten times from each leg.
  4. This option is called “narrow bridge” because the legs are not located shoulder-width apart, but together. During the whole process, it is necessary to keep them closed, straining not only the buttocks, but also the intradermal zone. Twenty times a task is supposed to be completed.
  5. The option with a gradual raising and lowering the hips is good because it helps to increase the load without additional devices.“Gradual buttock bridge” is performed thirty times, slowly descending and rising, with fixation at the highest point.
  6. An interesting way is the bridge on the fitball, which allows to include stabilizing muscles in the work and pump the buttocks. The ball is put against the wall, spreading opposite the mat for taking the starting position. Buttocks fit snugly to fitball, legs fall on him. Then, it is necessary to move thirty centimeters away from the simulator to enable the pelvis to reach the maximum lifting point. And this is very important, because the right distance helps efficiently work out the gluteal muscles. In the initial position, the stomach is retracted, the waist is strained, the arms are placed along the trunk for support. On an exhalation the pelvis rises up to the formation of a straight line, fixed by two or three, falls into the FE. Common mistakes made on the ball are:
  • incorrectly chosen angle in the knees, which forces other muscles to work, easing the load on the buttocks;
  • uncontrolled return to the PI, reducing efficiency.


In the process we propose to take into account the recommendations of trainers, which will help facilitate and improve training:

  1. The utility coefficient depends on the number of exercises performed, with a rest break of no more than thirty seconds. More bridges - better result.
  2. Inhalation is performed by the nose before raising the hips, a powerful exhalation when reaching the point of ascent.
  3. The bridge runs smoothly. If the possible height is not reached, then it is not worth jerking to continue lifting, but you need to lock in the position obtained.
  4. During training, the foot stands on the floor, without detachment of the toe and heel from its surface. The load is distributed evenly over the entire foot.
  5. The width of the arrangement of legs is individual, depends on the hip structure, so you should choose the position that is most comfortable and allows you to most effectively contract the muscles.

The gluteal bridge changes not only the shape and size, but also the strength of the priests. With regular workouts with its use, you can achieve outstanding results in sports and "outstanding" parts of the body that are attractive and attractive, as well as improve health and get rid of back pain.

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