What is Tibetan gymnastics?

Tibetan hormonal gymnastics is a method of healing the body. It helps get rid of many chronic diseases and keeps the body in a healthy tone. This gym has a good rejuvenating effect, so it is very useful for older people. It takes about 5 minutes daily, but maintains the hormonal glands of the human body at the level of 25 years of age. This method of healing the body can prolong life by 25-30 years.


  1. Contributes to the normal operation of all endocrine glands. “Hormonal” it is called, because hormones are responsible for the normal functioning of the body.
  2. It often happens that if you perform it within 6 months, almost all chronic diseases can disappear.
  3. In case of serious diseases, this gymnastics will help the body to cope with them within 1-2 years. The main condition - to deal with it every day.


In doing Tibetan hormone gymnastics is very easy.It should be done before 6 o'clock in the morning, preferably not in a soft bed, but on something hard. The training complex consists of 13 exercises, which must be performed in the lying position.

13 exercises of Tibetan gymnastics

№1. For hands

Raise up your arms and keep them at face level, then fold your palms towards each other. In a short time, you need to do about 10 quick rubbings, and you have to rub your palms together very strongly. In such an amazing way, you can determine the state of your health. If during grinding between the hands becomes hot, then the health is good.

But if there is warmth between the palms, and rubbing the palms so that they become hot does not work, it means that you have a lack of energy in the body. When there is moisture between the palms and they do not heat up at all, it means that you have severe vascular dystonia and you urgently need to recover.

№2. For eyes, for improving eyesight

Put your palms on the eyeballs and gradually press on them. In 30 seconds you need to do 30 pressure. It is necessary to count the number of movements made.If you have vision problems, then leave your palms on your eyes for another 2 minutes. Through this exercise, your vision will gradually improve. In addition, in older, gray-haired people can restore natural hair color.

No. 3. For the ears, to improve hearing

Put your palms on your ears and press them down. The pace of execution is the same as for the eyes. During the first two weeks of classes, you may experience symptoms of chronic diseases that already existed. The main number of them will be connected with the ears. But training should continue in any case, just exercise for the ears to perform at a “softer” pace. After some time, there will be a noticeable improvement in hearing.

No. 4.For facelift

Put your thumb behind your ear, and make the rest of them into a fist. Behind the ears, thumbs up. Clenched fists, without lifting your fingers from the face, you must lead from the chin to the ears, while the hands must move smoothly, in one line.

The pressure on the face should be much stronger. One cycle equals the movement of hands from ears to chin, and back. In 30 seconds there should be 30 cycles. After this, you will feel sweat on your face and blood rush to your face. Such exercises tighten the oval face.

№5. From wrinkles on the forehead

Place your right hand on your forehead, and press it on the left with your left hand. Perform wiping movements from temple to temple. One cycle makes the movement of the palm from the left temple to the right and back. The number of cycles is exactly the same as in the previous lesson.

№6. Massage of the crown

Put a cushion or a rolled pillow under your neck so that your head hangs back a little. Raise your right palm above your head, 5 cm from the top of your head. Left firmly press the right palm on top. The result will be “arch” from the hands. Move the arms woven above the head from the forehead to the back of the head and in the reverse order. The number of cycles is the same as in the previous one.

№7. Pressure normalization

Stop the woven hands (from the previous lesson) above the crown 5 cm from the crown and move the “arch” from the left ear to the right ear and back. This is 1 cycle of pressure normalization. You need to do 30 cycles in 30 seconds. Such an exercise perfectly normalizes pressure.

№8. Massage of the thyroid gland

Place the right palm on the thyroid gland, cover it with the left palm on top. Then the left move through the air along the body from the thyroid gland to the navel, and back to the right. We need to make 30 such cycles in 30 seconds.It is necessary to do everything without touching the body, at a distance of several centimeters from it. For the 30th time, leave the left palm on the right and then both, touching the body, lower it on the belly.

№9. Belly massage

Leave the right palm on the stomach, the left - on top. In a clockwise direction, make circular movements aimed at abdominal massage. They need to do 30 in 30 seconds. When touching the palms to the body, press down slightly. With this exercise you can get rid of intestinal problems.

№10. Strengthening capillaries (hands)

Press your feet to the floor and raise your arms. Make 5 circular motions with and against two hands counterclockwise. Do not lower hands, shake them for 10 seconds. Do this exercise for 30 seconds.

№11. Strengthening capillaries (legs)

Lift both legs up and make 5 circular movements of the ankle joints in a clockwise direction and against. Then everything is the same as in the previous lesson.

№12. Foot massage

Massage is performed while sitting. If the feet are dry, grease them with vegetable oil, preferably olive oil. If you suddenly feel some pain in the feet, then try to click on these places. Execution time - from 30 seconds.

№13.Foot massage

This exercise is the final. Rub the side surfaces of the legs of the legs in a circular motion from the bottom up. The knee joints and thighs can also be oiled, and then with the same movements you can massage the hips.

Also, Tibetan gymnastics has a therapeutic effect on the spine. Exercises for spinal gymnastics improve posture and increase flexibility. But they are recommended to be done slowly and repeated 10 times. Intervertebral hernia classes are performed in the supine state.

The basis of Tibetan gymnastics for weight loss is the doctrine of the energy zones of a person, which must be activated with the help of movement. The complex consists of 5 exercises that must be performed in the morning, on an empty stomach. Duration about 20 minutes, but it needs to be done every day. Even if you are not able to, then the complex can be reduced by performing each task at least 3 times. The correctness of performance depends on breathing.

Contraindications it practically does not have, but after each set of tasks it is necessary to watch the reaction of your body.

Tibetan gymnastics is the road to longevity and health.

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