What is the smallest country in the world

Despite its unique location, the Vatican is an independent state, which has complete independence from Italy.
The Vatican is considered the sovereign territory of the Holy See, its population is no more than two thousand people, and almost all of its inhabitants are subjects of the Pope of Rome and the Holy See.
The smallest country has its own train station, police station, post office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and even a helipad to compensate for the lack of an airport. In the Vatican there is even an army, by the way, is also the smallest in the world. The composition of its troops is limited to hundreds of troops. On all sides, the Vatican is walled, its own newspapers and magazines are issued, and there are also postage stamps.

Vatican currency

In the 19th century, the Vatican had its own currency, which was called the Papal State's lira. But in 2002, the euro was adopted in the Vatican with a rate of 1EUR = 1936.27 lire.However, the city-state prints its euro set.

Sights of the smallest country in the world

World-famous architectural monuments such as St. Peter’s Cathedral, the Vatican Library and the Sistine Chapel are located in the Vatican.
St. Peter's Cathedral is the largest historically significant Christian church in the world, which was created by whole generations of great world-famous architects. Such great masters as Michelangelo and Raphael worked on its creation. The cathedral is famous for its colossal capacity - 60 thousand people.
The Sistine Chapel was previously a home church, today it is a magnificent museum and an outstanding architectural monument of the Renaissance. The walls of the chapel are decorated with two cycles - the History of Christ and the History of Moses. Botticelli himself worked on the painting. To date, only twelve of the original sixteen frescoes have been preserved. On the preserved frescoes you can count at least a hundred characters.
The Vatican Library contains manuscripts of the Renaissance and Middle Ages. Today, its funds comprise more than 3 million valuable copies.The rich halls are decorated with frescoes by great painters. Among the many halls, the Aldobrandini wedding hall stands out. Also in the library building there are many galleries and several museums. In addition, the Vatican library has a secret fund, the entrance to which is restricted to visitors.

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