What is the Eisenhower matrix?

You do not have time or constantly postpone everything for later? Are you having trouble planning your time? Then you just need the Eisenhower matrix.

What it is?

The Eisenhower matrix is ​​an effective way of planning for a short period of time, for example, for a day or several days. Many of us do not have time to implement everything planned only because they do not know how to correctly prioritize. Of course, you can make a to-do list, but only a few manage to do it all.

And sometimes it happens that small problems are solved, but large and really important are postponed for later. As a result, tasks accumulate and grow like a snowball. But the thirty-fourth US President Dwight Eisenhower has developed a unique method that allows you to efficiently use time and solve problems as they arrive, as well as prioritize and share all the problems, taking into account their importance.

How to make up?

Now you know what the Eisenhower Priority Matrix is.And how to make it? In general, it is a kind of table, consisting of four fields-quadrants. Each field corresponds to one category of cases, and all cases are divided into two parameters: urgency and importance.

To create a matrix, you can lay two axes. Horizontal will denote urgency, and vertical importance. In the first box, located in the upper left corner, important and urgent matters will be listed.

In the second field, located in the upper right corner, you should record important, but not urgent, problems. In the third field (the lower left corner) urgent, but unimportant matters will be listed. And in the fourth quadrant (in the lower right corner) write down non-urgent and unimportant problems.

What cases can be included in the categories?

  • Important and urgent. These are the tasks, the failure of which can lead to poor health, cause serious trouble and difficulties, as well as hinder the achievement of goals.
  • This includes all the tasks that are important, but do not yet require immediate execution. In other words, these are things that help to achieve success and contribute to the achievement of goals.These can be problems related to health care and personal development.
  • Urgent and unimportant things - this is what bothers you or constantly distracts you, but has nothing to do with your goals. This can be a friend help, shoe repair.
  • The last quadrant (no matter and not urgent) - this is something that you can not do at all. Often this field includes cases that help to distract, relax or look better. Eisenhower called such tasks "devourers of time", believing that they have a negative impact on the productivity of the activity.
  • The main secret of using a matrix is ​​to keep the first field empty. If you set priorities correctly and carry out all tasks on time, then there will be no urgent or important ones.

How to use?

Use the matrix of priorities can be in many different spheres of life. Here are some examples:

  • Job. Such a plan will allow you to complete all important tasks.
  • Training. The matrix will help prepare for exams, complete your homework and not forget anything.
  • Gen. To prevent household chores from accumulating, prioritize.
  • Budget planning, shopping.Instead of cases in the matrix, you can enter what you want to buy. This will allow you to purchase all the most important and save.
  • Care of the child, upbringing. Many young mummies, due to their inexperience, cannot cope with their duties related to raising and caring for the child. Matrix will help to do everything on time.

Helpful Tips

A few guidelines for creating and using a priority matrix:

  • It is desirable to make a matrix for each day. At the same time, outstanding cases may be transferred to a new one, and their significance may change. That is, what was yesterday non-urgent today can become very urgent.
  • It is advisable to place the Eisenhower matrix in a prominent place or always carry with you.
  • It is important to learn how to correctly prioritize. To assess the urgency and importance of any task, imagine what will happen if you do not complete it in the near future. How will this affect future plans and goals? Will it affect your life?
  • To work with the matrix was convenient, the tasks in each quadrant should be arranged in order of importance and urgency, having them numbered.
  • It is advisable to focus on tasks from the second field (important, but not urgent). It was their Eisenhower considered the most important and priority, as their timely implementation will help to avoid important and urgent cases.
  • If there is a possibility of delegating certain urgent matters (that is, assigning someone), then do it.

We can only wish to keep up with everything.

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