What is the best way to wear a green dress? (19 photo)

Want to bring freshness to your look? Then go to the store and get a smart and bright green dress. But first, find out how to choose it and what is best to wear.

How to choose?

Green leopard

How to choose a suitable green dress that will turn you into a real queen? Here are a few basic points:

  • Tint. Shades of green there is a great variety: pistachio, marsh, emerald, terracotta and so on. The easiest and most effective way to find out which shade is right for you is fitting. But it is worth noting that too pale or greyish tones of green will not exactly suit pale girls, they should pay their attention to deep shades, such as emerald. Tanned and dark-skinned beauties can choose a bright dress in the color of summer grass. A red-haired beast fit shade of green with an admixture of yellow. Also remember that the dress should match the color of the eyes.So, the blue eyes are better to shade deep and saturated green, like the gray ones. Brown eyes will be combined with bright tones, but green eyes can be played with light shades of green.
  • No less important is the material from which the dress is made. Green, in itself, is very bright and self-sufficient color, but if it has a cut in the form of an interesting material, then you will definitely be in the spotlight. Dark colors of this color look perfect on a noble velvet. Lighter and more saturated, but not acidic shades are made for satin and silk. But very bright colors are combined with more tranquil fabrics, such as flax, knitwear.
  • Decide on the style. It will depend on your figure. So, if you are a slim and tall girl, then you can afford a fitting dress to the floor. Wide hips better to hide behind flowing hems. Volumetric tummy easily hide the high waist. Make the chest more feminine and volume round neckline. The V-neck will help to narrow the shoulders. Add to the buttocks and thighs the missing volume of a lush hem. If you have a voluminous upper body, then choose dresses straight and free cut.Slender legs can be safely shown, while not very slender is better to hide.
  • Happening. Why do you buy this thing? If you plan to wear it for an important event, then you will get a chic evening dress, for cocktail parties, work is better for wearing a strict office, and for everyday life a simple dress of free style will do.

Color combinations

Combines with black

What colors does green match? There are lots of options. You should not strive for a banal and generally accepted tandem, sometimes breaking the rules allows you to make an image unusual and bright:

  • Green matches perfectly with black.
  • The combination of brown and green also looks harmonious and at the same time natural.
  • Want something sunny and summer? Then combine green with yellow.
  • Prefer creative? Then pay attention to the tandem of green and red.
  • Violet with this color will also look pretty organic, but it's better to combine dark colors with dark ones, and light colors with light colors. Otherwise, one color will simply be lost and blink, and the other will look ridiculous.
  • Gentle beige will be able to balance green a little, but the latter will not lose its originality.
  • White will make green fresh and bright.
  • Interesting and coral.

How to wear?


So, what to wear with a beautiful green dress? There are actually more options than you can imagine.


  • If you have chosen a simple knitted dress, then on top of it, put on a leather jacket of black or red color. Also fit and jacket or blazer.
  • Do you like to break stereotypes? Then combine a cocktail dress and a coarse leather jacket with rivets.
  • The evening dress will look exquisitely with a fur cape or bolero.
  • If you chose a rather strict office dress in green, then pick up a coat under it. It can be a straight or A-line model or an elegant and feminine fitted coat with a belt. The coat with a smell or a coat overcoat will look original.
  • On a light shirt dress, you can throw a cardigan.



Selection of tights is also very important. Sometimes if they are chosen incorrectly, then the whole image literally breaks.

  • If you chose a dress of a dark rich color, for example, emerald, then choose black pantyhose. If the dress is short and quite simple in style, then you can choose tight tights or a model with some kind of pattern.
  • Under the dress of light colors, it is better to choose skin-colored tights or light tan.


Youth style

Choosing shoes, you need to be especially careful and careful, as a mistake can spoil the image. A few interesting and bold options:

  • Black, beige or white ballet flats can be matched to a simple short fitted or loose dress. Also in this case, fit into the image and boots.
  • You can choose elegant feminine stiletto boots for a dress-case.
  • Cocktail dress will harmoniously look with pumps of red, white, black, silver or gold. The heel, by the way, can be both stable and massive, as well as feminine and thin.
  • Under the evening dress is better to pick up black shoes with heels.
  • Pick up brown or black ankle boots.

Selection of accessories

Summer option

Accessories are not just small details. They help to complete the image, to emphasize some part of the body and to focus on it. Here are some accessories that can be combined with a green dress:

  • Choose a bag of one of the classic and versatile colors: beige, black, brown or white.The material can be almost anything, it is not necessary to combine it in texture with the fabric of the dress, the contrast is much more interesting. The model will depend on the style and style of the dress. For example, a clutch is an almost universal option. The bag-shopper will look perfect with a simple knitted dress. And the envelope bag will accentuate the office dress. By the way, if the dress is bright and unusual, then it will be better if the shoes and the bag are matched in color.
  • As for jewelry, pearls, pendants with large iridescent white, yellow or red stones, large beads, large chains of both metallic and silver, as well as golden and bronze shades will look beneficial. Fit and large earrings with stones. Do not forget about bracelets, they too are relevant.
  • You can emphasize your waist with a black, red, white, brown, silver or gold strap.

Helpful Tips


Some useful tips:

  • Remember that fashion is not stylish. If the fashionable shade of green or the style of the dress does not suit you, pick something else.
  • The brighter and more interesting the dress, the more discreet the accessories should be.If the dress has a lot of details, then it is better to refuse jewelry at all.
  • Green is a bright color, so do not combine more than two main tones in one image.
  • If you have chosen some other detail of the image of green color, then it is desirable that it be of the same shade as the dress.

Let your green dress make you a queen!




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Noble color

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