What is the best way to celebrate New 2016?

It is better to plan the celebration of any event in advance so as not to miss anything. And the New 2016 is no exception. Find out how, where, with whom and what to celebrate this holiday, so that it becomes fun, vivid and memorable.

How to plan everything?

If you believe the well-known tradition, then how to meet the New Year, and spend it. And therefore it is important not to forget anything. Planning a celebration includes several important points:

  • A place. It should be chosen in advance, as it may not remain in some places already a couple of months before the holiday. Decide what you want: a quiet family holiday, get-togethers with friends, an incredible and fun party or romance? There are a lot of options: a cafe or a restaurant, an apartment, a sauna, a country house, and so on.
  • Company. To celebrate the New Year is better with those you want to see next to you. It can be family and friends or friends.
  • New Year's program. Sitting, eating and drinking is too trite and boring.Come up with interesting and fun entertainment that will not turn the holiday into a regular feast and provide real fun.
  • Form. Choose outfit, hairstyle, makeup, shoes and accessories. In the New Year, you must be the most beautiful!
  • Gifts. Think that you will give to relatives.

Symbols of the year

What animal should be honored and honored in 2016? This New Year will be held under the sign of the Monkey. A symbol is a fiery or red Monkey. The main and predominant color is red, and the dominant element is fire. According to the eastern calendar, the year will not come on January 1, but only on February 8, but it is worthwhile to approach the celebration responsibly.

Why wait in the new year?

The Year of the Fire Monkey will be pretty successful for everyone. People born in this year, waiting for success. But still it is necessary to exercise caution. If you get involved in some risky adventure, you can lose everything. All the others can hope for the beginning of new or development of the existing relations.

Many this year will create a family, all unions will be strong and successful. Success in work also expects, as in other matters, in almost all cases.Some will be able to change life for the better. But it is important to always be alert. In addition, you should monitor your health, in the year of the Monkey it may suffer.

Where to celebrate the New Year?

The meeting place does not play an important role, but still it is better to give preference to unknown and interesting places, you will always have time to stay at home. For example, you can go to a country house or to a party. But in your own apartment you can arrange something interesting and very cheerful.

An important role is played by the decor of the room. First of all, the Monkey loves large spaces, so remove all that is superfluous so that guests can dance and move. Secondly, the Chinese calendar says that the element of the year is fire, so decorate the walls and furnishings with burning lights, candles and garlands.

Third, Monkey loves plants and fruits, so use them for decoration. And also use various statuettes and figurines in the form of cute monkeys for decoration.

Who to meet?

Monkeys are sociable animals, so it is absolutely necessary to celebrate New 2016 in a pleasant and cheerful company. Cooperate with friends, relatives and relatives.You can collect several families in one place, so that it's even more fun. The only condition: among the celebrants there should not be people who are unpleasant to each other or even more openly conflicting with each other.

Otherwise, the holiday can turn into a real scandal with fights and insults (alcohol will do its job). The participants of the event may be strangers to each other and get acquainted just before the holiday, but in this case, the interests, preferences and peculiarities of people should be taken into account, otherwise someone will certainly feel uncomfortable.

If you do not want noise and crowds of people, then you can quite arrange a holiday in a narrow family circle. This will be especially true if you rarely see your relatives. You can just enjoy socializing and spending time together.

And you can also arrange a romantic evening with your second half. But remember that the element of the year is fire, so give your beloved that night all your passion that has accumulated all year. Enjoy each other, turn off the phones, create a romantic atmosphere.

How to meet?

How to celebrate New Year? A bright and unusual New Year program is a guarantee of fun and good mood of the guests. The monkey is curious and curious, so by all means think up something creative, unexplored and unusual, let all the participants of the event be surprised and discover something new in themselves. Arrange a variety of talent contests, master classes, competitions.

Let the guests try themselves in something that was previously unknown and incomprehensible. This will give positive emotions and a great mood. In general, experiment, create and do not be afraid! Let the complexes, constraints and fears on New Year's Eve go away. Everyone should be interesting and fun!

If you want something new and unusual, then go on a trip! If you can not go abroad, then at least make a trip to another city. But it is best to go on a New Year's holiday in some hot country with palm trees, wild animals and birds. Start the year with a change, Monkey will definitely approve!

New Year's table

You can cook traditional dishes, but by all means decorate them with greens, vegetables, berries and fruits.In addition, it is desirable to prefer lighter, but unusual dishes. And, of course, you can not forget about desserts. As for drinks, various fruit liqueurs and weak liqueurs, cocktails, juices and so on are welcome.

What to meet?

A festive outfit is important, especially for girls. Several rules and important points that will help you think through your image to the smallest detail:

  1. The main color is red, but it goes far from everyone. You can also pay attention to such tones as green, yellow, blue, white, coral, burgundy, orange, red, brown and gold. You can combine several colors, but not more than three, otherwise the image will turn out to be too motley and ridiculous.
  2. Be sure to wear a gorgeous dress! It can be a stunning evening, and sexy and moderately frank cocktail. But it is important to choose a suitable model that will emphasize all your advantages and hide the disadvantages. In 2016, you can and should open and show arms and shoulders. But in this case you should choose the length of midi or maxi, as the dress should not be too open and vulgar.
  3. Accessories not only can, but should be bright and shiny. It is advisable to give preference to golden shades. But remember that if you chose a complex dress, then it is better to refuse decorations altogether, they will overload the image and make you look like a Christmas tree.
  4. Shoes should also be beautiful and elegant, but also comfortable, because you have to have fun all night.
  5. Choose unusual and bright hairstyles, but not too complicated.
  6. Makeup should be bright and festive. The main focus is best done on the lips.


New Year signs 2016:

  • The monkey loves money, so in order for it to be carried in your house, lay out a few bills on the table. It is useful to put money in pockets and wallets.
  • At the New Year's table lean on the fruit. Firstly, they are very fond of being the symbol of the coming year Monkey, secondly, so you can avoid weight in the stomach and get more movement. Third, you will not spoil the shape.
  • Give everyone close figures of monkeys, do it wholeheartedly and with best wishes.
  • On New Year's Eve, behave relaxedly and naturally.
  • Under the chiming clock certainly make a wish.Write it on paper, burn it, dissolve the ashes in the champagne and drink everything to the drop.

Let the holiday be remembered!

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