What is laminate


The main characteristics of the laminate

It consists of several layers, consistently located relative to each other. Depending on the type of their number may vary significantly.

Features of the material:

- the presence of a protective film as the top layer;

- made of durable material - fiberboard or particle board;

- moisture resistance;

- decorative coating with special elements.

Laminate safety

The issue of security is the most difficult when deciding against or in favor of this modern material. In fact, it is a waste woodworking production. This is what most inexpensive furniture is made of. They are absolutely safe, which cannot be asserted with regard to adhesive substances, by means of which the layers are joined together.

Often these are toxic ingredients that imperceptibly every day harm human health. The issue of safety of the laminate also concerns its top coating, which often has formaldehyde impurities.It is a harmful substance that emits fumes. They are the more intense, the higher the temperature. This means that the laminate is contraindicated in the case of the system "warm floor".

Thus, laminate can not be called entirely safe material, it consists of both natural and artificial substances. It should be used with care in a house where there are small children and people suffering from chronic illnesses.

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