What is interesting Minecraft?

November 17, 2014
What is interesting Minecraft?

The game Minecraft, created by a single person, Marcus Persson, is very popular all over the world. The game has very mediocre graphics and looks like a cubic eight-bit games of the nineties. Appearing in such a world, the player usually does not know what to do and what opportunities the game hides. Consequently, many wonder what makes Minecraft interesting.

Consider this question in more detail together.

What is interesting game Minecraft

The game Minecraft is very large and has many features. Consider it in parts to better understand its popularity.

Features graphics games

The game has such a simple graphic style, which often scares off new players. The game resembles the games of the 90s of the last century. 8-bit style gives a certain atmosphere of olden time and causes sympathy of gamers who started playing computer games just in the 90s.

Features of the game world

The game is a sandbox with an open world and RPG elements.

The game each time creates its own version of the world, different from all others.Every time you create a new game, a new landscape of the whole planet is created, which is inhabited by various animals, plants and monsters.

Gameplay Features

Players can do whatever they want. In the game, you can destroy almost any cubes, and then use them to create new structures and structures. The player is free to rebuild the whole world in its intention. You can build analogues of existing cities or create something new.

In addition, the player can also engage in farming, hunting and even fighting with monsters and other players in a multiplayer game. Another player can create many things, clothes and other necessary items using the crafting menu.

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