What is he: a student?

February 3, 2015
What is he: a student?

Education today should be directed not only at the simple transfer of knowledge to the new generation of students, but at the latest development of methods and technologies of self-education. The situation in today's society is such that only in the case of a constant increase in their own qualifications and mastering related specialties, can a person be counted on to succeed in further employment.

What qualities should a young man possess in order to effectively master the skills and abilities offered by educational institutions? The article describes the psychological characteristics and general characteristics of a successful student.

What is he: a modern student

  • Ability to self-organization. In this case, the will power and independence of the learner are important, because the increasing number of hours spent on seminars and individual work every year requires the student to be ready to learn new knowledge without the supervision of an authoritative teacher, without the guidance of a senior.
  • Skill information retrieval.And both in the ready list of references, and in other sources, for example, in printed publications or on the Internet. With this skill, the student saves time on the selection of the necessary articles and chapters of books and sends him to study new material.
  • The ability to use the functions of analysis and synthesis. The presence of a large flow of information implies the need to competently cut off the secondary and concentrate on the main thing, and also not to be able to analyze the data in order to get a complete picture.
  • Activity and purposefulness. These features, perhaps, can be noted as fundamental, because the person who has the goal of obtaining high-quality knowledge and seeking to obtain it by any means available learns more effectively.
  • Stress resistance and self-confidence. Usually, it is not easy for first-year students to adapt to new methods of obtaining education, it is difficult for them to master the requirements of universities, and even the abundance of incomprehensible terms can depress the mind and self-assessment of beginners.
  • Perseverance The presence of this quality will ensure success in the most difficult learning,the ability to patiently comprehend the features of the chosen profession will surely help in further work, turning a successful student into a successful person;
  • The ability to self-motivate is another important point. The ability to mobilize themselves, guided by their own motives, will help to cope with laziness.

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