What is PPC?

Galina Mirzahmedova
Galina Mirzahmedova
December 19, 2014
What is PPC?

The acronym PPC has several definitions. We give some that are most often used. Let us find out what CPR is in various fields.

Transcript abbreviations CAT

  • Among the armed forces and formations, as well as for sensitive and guarded checkpoint facilities, this is a checkpoint. It is installed at the intersection of the territory of any regime object. Depending on the institution, the checkpoint can be equipped as a paramilitary security station, and include only one barrier or turnstile;
  • In PPC Accounting, this is the reason code for tax registration. It is assigned to each enterprise upon tax registration;
  • In psychiatry, PPC stands for cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy. Treatment is based on the theory that the primary cause of the appearance of any disorders or phobias are destructive beliefs and attitudes, which should be overcome to cure;
  • Well, the most often used among motorists definition of gearbox - a gearbox,which is also called the gearbox or gearbox, it is a gear unit in a car or any other industrial machine, machine tool. It is an integral structural part of the transmission of the machine.

Just in cars equipped with an internal combustion engine, the gearbox is designed to change the torque (speed) of the drive wheels. In vehicles that operate on such energy sources as electricity and steam (trams, steam locomotives, trolley buses, etc.) there is no checkpoint. In addition, the gearbox allows the machine to move both forward and backward.

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