What is better to wear a skirt-shorts? (8 photo)

If you want to be feminine and attractive, but at the same time prefer practicality in everyday life, then you will definitely like such an element of clothing as a skirt-shorts. And with what it is best to wear?

What it is?

Skirt-shorts is, as the name implies, a kind of hybrid of shorts and skirts. In front, such a thing looks like an absolutely normal and normal skirt. And just seeing the back, you can understand that, in fact, it is shorts.

Stylish thing

A skirt-shorts appeared about two centuries ago, and they were mostly worn by athletic or active girls. For example, in such a skirt it was convenient to ride a bike (and then this type of transport was very popular). But in everyday life at that time it was almost impossible to meet a girl in a skirt-shorts. But gradually she began to become more and more popular, and today she enters the wardrobe of many fashionable women.

How to choose?

Fashionable color

How to choose a suitable skirt-shorts?

  1. First, decide on the length. It all depends on the features of your figure and the degree of your emancipation.So, if you are slim and at the same time brave girl, then you can afford a short skirt-shorts, which will favorably emphasize and open your legs. If you have rather voluminous hips, then it is better to hide them by choosing the length approximately to the knee or slightly higher. If you are not satisfied with your knees, then close them by selecting a skirt-shorts length below the knees.
  2. Season. In summer, it is best to wear lightweight clothing, so get a light chiffon or satin skirt for this time of year. For the fall, the knitwear model will be optimal. But in the winter it is better to warm up by choosing a skirt-shorts made of velvet, wool, tweed or some other dense and warm material.
  3. Equally important is the style. In this case, everything depends not only on your preferences, but also on when you are planning to wear the chosen thing. For everyday wear suitable models in the style of "country" or "casual". If you plan to go to work for this thing, then choose a strict model in a business style without unnecessary details and a simple cut. And for dates or parties, choose something feminine, romantic and bright.
  4. The styles can be very diverse.So, a skirt-shorts in a fold or with pleats - this is very provocative, cute and youth. Strict lines and simple cut will make the image more serious and restrained. A wraparound skirt can become a certain highlight of the image, and a flowing silhouette is incredibly feminine and romantic. If you want something bright, then choose a model of asymmetrical cut.

Who is going to?

A short skirt is an almost universal thing that suits everyone. But especially organically, it will look at the young slim girls. But ladies with curvaceous forms with such a thing should be more careful.

Different styles

What to wear?

What is fashionable to wear skirt shorts? The versatility of this thing leads to a huge selection of different combinations.

Top part


Several possible options.

  • With a high waist skirt-shorts, you can combine short tops that expose your belly.
  • Classic shirts and blouses will be combined with strict models. It is best to fill them with a short skirt belt.
  • Skinny t-shirts or shirts will look stylish with denim skirts. They can be decorated with sequins, sequins, interesting prints or rhinestones.
  • With models of dense fabric, turtlenecks and jumpers will harmonize.


For the perfect figure

If you decide to buy a skirt-shorts for autumn, winter or spring, then by all means pick up tights:

  • Black dense or translucent panty hoses will be combined with dark skirts-shorts of a direct or free cut. If the model is simple, then you can choose tights with a pattern.
  • If the skirt has a complicated cut, then it is best to choose simple tights of corporal color.
  • Try experimenting and pick up tights a tone or two lighter than the skirt-shorts. Full coincidence in color can lead to the fact that such a bright thing is just lost in the image.
  • Over pantyhose, you can wear gaiters, this will make the image mischievous.

Shoe selection


Almost any footwear is combined with a skirt-shorts. But it is important to take into account the style and style of things. Here is what you can pick up:

  • With a romantic flowing skirt, you can wear pumps with a steady heel or even a heel, they will make the image even more feminine.
  • With a denim model it is quite possible to put on sneakers or "snickers". In this case, the image will be sporty and youth.
  • In the cold season with a skirt-shorts made of thick fabric, you can combine boots of different models. So, with a strict skirt you can wear boots with narrow heels.Pick up boots with a wide tops on a flat sole or on stable heels for a looser and more casual model. With a short skirt-shorts will be ideally combined with high boots.
  • You can wear ballet flats with casual knitwear or cotton lightweight skirt-shorts.
  • Look for ankle boots, they will also be appropriate.
  • Sandals with heels will be combined with summer romantic models from flowing fabrics, and sandals, for example, "gladiators" or "Roman women" will be combined with simpler models.


And in this category, you can choose almost anything you want:

  • A leather jacket will look bright, fashionable and beautiful with a skirt-shorts. A particularly creative, bold and contrasting combination is a leather jacket and a feminine skirt-shorts model.
  • If you choose a strict model, then by all means pick up a coat. The style can be any: a fitted coat with a belt, a trapeze coat, a short or long straight coat, an overcoat and so on.
  • In late spring or early autumn, you can safely wear a jacket or blazer.
  • Cardigan is also quite appropriate.
  • A bomber jacket will go well with a sports denim model.



Although the skirt-shorts, in itself, is a bright accent, you can also play and experiment with accessories.

  • Highlight the waist will help bright strap. In the photo you can appreciate how such an accessory stands out and focuses on the most feminine part of the figure.
  • The bag can be any, pick it, given the style of the skirt-shorts and other items of clothing. So, with a sports model, the shoulder bag will look great, with a strict model - a trapezoid bag, and with a romantic and gentle - a clutch.
  • Feel free to wear beads and large pendants on chains. But they should not be long, remember this. Medium-sized bracelets and earrings are also appropriate.
  • Choose a scarf or neckerchief.



Some tips:

  • Remember that things must be in harmony in color.
  • Black skirt-shorts - a universal thing.
  • When choosing a skirt-shorts, do not wear long jumpers or blouses. The belt of the skirt or at least most of it must be opened.

Create your own bright image with a skirt-shorts.

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