What is carob and how can it be used?

If you like to experiment in the kitchen and try something new, then buy a carob. But first find out what it is and what useful properties it has.

What is it?

What is carob? It is a powder obtained from the fruit of the carob tree - chaffaceous ceramia. There is such an amazing plant in warm countries with mild climate: Cyprus, Spain, Portugal, Malta, Turkey, Australia. Fruits are pods, which, reaching the highest degree of maturity, darken and become brown. Inside them lies the sweet flesh. Fruits are dried, sometimes roasted, and then crushed and turned into powder.

Carob is considered by many to be a substitute for cocoa, and it is really very tasty, and even more sweet, as it contains a significant amount of natural sugars. The taste and aroma of the powder are very pleasant, and they depend on the degree of roasting: the longer it lasts, the more pronounced aromatic and palatable qualities.The color of the powder varies from terracotta or pinkish sand to brown.

Is carob useful?

Although Carob has not yet become as popular as the usual coffee and cocoa, it is gradually winning the hearts of gourmets, as it is very useful and has many advantages. It contains natural sugars, fiber, essential oils, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins E, groups B, A, sodium, calcium, phosphorus, copper, manganese, iron, zinc, potassium, selenium. The energy value of one hundred grams of the product is about 220 kilocalories.

Useful properties of carob:

  • Carob is rich in antioxidants, which modern people simply need. They fight free radicals and thereby slow down premature aging and prevent cell regeneration and malignancy.
  • The powder is much less fat than the more familiar cocoa, so that it can be considered dietary. And if you completely switch to it, giving up cocoa, it will contribute to weight loss, especially since you do not need to add sugar, because the kerob is already sweet. But still it's not a means to lose weight, it's worth remembering.
  • It differs from coffee in the absence of caffeine in the composition, respectively, it does not affect the heart rate and does not accelerate the heartbeat. But the charge of cheerfulness after serving a drink is still provided, since it contains a considerable amount of carbohydrates.
  • It contains protein, easily digested by the body, going to the growth of muscle tissue and the formation of new cells.
  • Since fiber is found in the composition, the drink can be considered very useful for digestion: it stimulates the intestinal peristalsis and reduces the risk of constipation, and also helps to release the gastrointestinal tract from toxins and toxins.
  • Regular moderate consumption of powder helps to reduce the level of "bad" cholesterol in the blood.
  • Carob contains calcium, so it can be safely considered useful for bones, especially for the elderly, who are at increased risk of developing osteoporosis.
  • Locust fruits will help to normalize the metabolic processes occurring in the body.
  • Carob has antispasmodic and analgesic properties, helps to cope with headaches and teeth, as well as muscle pain.
  • The powder is useful for the heart muscle, because the potassium contained here helps to nourish and strengthen it.
  • Carob has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • If you drink a drink every day, you can help your immunity and strengthen the body's natural defenses.

It is important to know! Carob is very useful and has practically no contraindications, but nevertheless it is not recommended for diabetics, as it contains many natural sugars that cause an increase in blood glucose. Individual hypersensitivity is also possible. And carob, like all exotic and unusual fruits, can cause allergic reactions. Harm is possible and with abuse, so it is better to limit 20-25 grams per day.

How to make the right choice?

You can buy healthy and tasty carob in large supermarkets or specialized departments of healthy food. When choosing, pay attention to the country of origin: it is better to choose products made in the countries in which the carob tree grows, since during transportation over long distances its fruits deteriorate and lose some of its useful properties.

The powder is usually packaged in bags: paper, foil or made on the basis of different types of food grade plastic. Packaging must be completely sealed and intact. A big plus will be a convenient buckle that allows you to close containers after opening, prevent spillage and moisture ingress.

The composition of the powder may include only the fruit of the carob tree, various additives will be superfluous. The manufacturer can make a mark about roasting and even indicate its degree. Weak roasting gives a pleasant light caramel flavor, the powder has a darker color. Raw crushed fruits are light and sweet. A medium-to-strong roasted cigar with a flavor resembles cocoa or coffee, has a rich taste, approximating to dark chocolate.

How can I use?

Carob is widely used in cooking and even in traditional medicine. Hostesses can use it for a variety of purposes, for example, such:

  • Any recipes in which cocoa or coffee is present among the ingredients can be modified by adding carob powder. And the taste of this will only improve, so safely use the product in baking for making chocolate cakes, brownies and other delicacies.
  • Having prepared a fruit salad, you can sprinkle it with carob, giving it aroma and light sweetness.
  • Put the powder in sour milk and dairy products and cocktails, it goes well with them.
  • To get a drink, the benefits of which probably impressed you, simply dissolve one or two teaspoons of powder in warm or hot water and stir it thoroughly.
  • Entering the powder in butter, you get a delicious chocolate butter, which is so popular with children.
  • Add carob to smoothies and other beverages.
  • You can make a lot of different desserts from fragrant powder: “Potato” cake, homemade truffles and even chocolate, and almost dietary.

Carob can also be used for therapeutic or prophylactic purposes. Let's consider several ways:

  1. To improve digestion, drink a cup of drink (a couple of spoons per 150 ml of water) on an empty stomach in the morning.
  2. To strengthen the bones, dissolve a teaspoon in a glass of kefir, drink this drink twice a day.
  3. To strengthen the immune system, you can add the powder in herbal teas, for example, lime or chamomile.
  4. With increased fatigue, you can sutra drink a glass of orange juice with the addition of a tablespoon of carob.

If you have not tried the amazing carob so far, then definitely buy it to appreciate the benefits and feel the pleasant taste!

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